Sunday, September 8, 2013

What you Should Do During A Home Invasion

It is night time and you are trying to sleep.
All of a sudden, you hear a crashing noise downstairs.
You feel scared.
Then, you hear somebody come up the stairs.
A man enters your room. You scream................
First off, never scream when there is a stranger in your place. Just pretend to  be asleep.
In case this person wants to attack you, have a can of mace by your night stand at all times. You can also have  in a plant sprayer hazardous chemicals like  bleach, ammonia, 409, limeaway.
Spray it in the offenders face if he or she  tries to attack you.
Call the police.
Your best bet is  to pretend to be asleep and call the police when the offender is gone.
Secretly open your eyes so you can get a good description or him or her, so that you can describe how  they look to the  police.
With these tips, you should be safe.

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