Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Japanese Geisha Doll Collecting An Art That You Can Do In Your Very Own Home

Have you ever seen a Japanese geisha doll before? Do you wish that you could have one? Would you like to get one or many but you don't know where to find  them?
Well I will show you the ropes on how to find and enjoy Japanese geisha dolls that won't blow your billys.
There are so many geisha dolls to choose from! Geisha dolls in blue print silk kimonos that have two fans as though she is doing a fan dance. Dolls in Chinese red kimonos that have parasols. Dolls in gold kimonos that have a traditional drum. Dolls in black print kimonos in glass cases that have a Japanese lantern. Dolls in glass cases doing a traditional geisha dance.
Japanese geisha dolls can be sold for as low priced as $9.99 through $29.99 whole sale.
Where can you get these gems? Online. Just google it or yahoo it or bing it and type "Japanese geisha dolls for sale." Click search. Right before your very eyes, many, many geisha dolls will pop up and you can pick out what you want. Strapped for cash? Just type "Japanese geisha dolls for sale whole sale." There, you can pick what you want. They also have geisha dolls in Asian  and Japanese gift stores. China Town has them also if you have a China Town in your area.
Geisha dolls can brighten up any room. If you have one, put it on your dresser or on an end table with cherry blossoms. Beautiful! If you have many geisha dolls, why not scatter them around your home? You can put one in your bed room, some in your living room and some on top of your entertainment center if you have one. Or you can put them all together. You decide.
Japanese  geisha dolls attract a lot of visitors and are deeply looked at and admired.
So start today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Day That I Wiped Out On The Go Cart

It was a beautiful day in late September, where the weather was not too hot or  too cold and all was thick and rich.
My husband and I were at a friend of a friend's birthday party. His name was Paul and he had a great personality and he was easy going and clean cut.
We had a blast, my husband and I. There were  hamburgers. Crunchies. Birthday cake. I stuffed myself with them all.
Then, Paul brought out the go carts, so people could ride on them.
I just love go carting. It is so much fun. You can drive them around at any speed that you want. Ideal for people who doesn't have a car like  me. Go carting was my favorite thing to do until................
I kept thinking to myself, 'I want to go. I want to go.' But a little voice in my head  said, 'No, no no!' My husband kept urging me to go, but that little voice in my head said, 'no. Don't.'
But my love for go carting won, so I decided to give it a go. So Paul strapped me in and off I went. Vrooooom, Vroooooom, Vrooooooom! Went the engine. At first I was doing fine, manipulating the car around the area but then it happened. I lost control of the cart. Vrooooom, Vroooooom, Vroooooom! Went the engine as I crashed through a fence and crashed into a  tree. I wasn't hurt, thank the Lord, but I had burrs all over me. People including my husband, came to my rescue. Luckily, Paul understood and I didn't have to pay for the fence or the go cart.
And after that horrific day, I never went on a go cart again!

Japanese Doll (Poem)

Tiny gracious beautiful lady
Seven inches tall
Wrapped in a red silk kimono
And real jet black hair
Her black glass eyes seem to sparkle
At the slightest moment of hapiness

Friday, March 21, 2014

Green Tea Flavored Jello (Recipe)

Take one cup of strong brewed green tea.
Add one packet of plain gelatin.
Add sugar.
Put it in the fridge until firm.
Spice it up with whipped cream (optional)
Makes one serving.

Coffee Flavored Jello (Recipe)

Take 1 cup of brewed coffee.
Add a packet of plain gelatin.
Add sugar.
Put it in the fridge until firm.
Spice it up with whipped cream.
Makes one serving.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fashion and Beauty For 2014

Hi Gals,

Spring is here and summer is taking a turn. The 70s look is back! I will show you the latest fashions, makeup looks, shoes and hand bags! Ready?

Clothes! Mini dresses waist huggers. Mini dresses non waist huggers. Shirt waist dresses knee length. Hip hugger evening gowns. Hip hugger evening gowns with a side slit. Evening and or prom gowns which are not waist huggers. Knee length hip hugger skirts. And of course, blue jeans! Bold colors are in this year. Floral prints are also in!

As far as make up is concerned, the smoky look is in. Lots of mascara, lots of black eyeliner on the upper and lower lids.  Followed by light glitter eye shadow on the lids and the crease and brow bones. For an ultra smoky look, wear lots of black eyes shadow on the lids only and black eye shadow on the lower lids. The winged eye shadow is in these days so when you put on eye makeup, be sure to extend your eye shadow and eyeliner past your eyes like Cleopatra.

Mineral powder is also in. Not only does it cover up your flaws, it is also good for your skin!  Blend the  powder with a kabuki brush found at Wallgreens or CVS stores. You can also find a kabuki brush at drug stores and cosmetic stores. Kabuki brushes gives you a polished professional look. Blush should be your color. Blend it in until it is transparent!

Lipstick this year is darker and berry colored!

Shoes this year are five inch stiletto heels and also strappy sandals are in.

Hand bags that are in, is the short strap hand carrying purse. Also clutch purses are in.

Jewelry is bold. Heavy earrings, heavy bracelets and heavy necklaces are in.

So start shopping and get going!

Fashion Jeans For 2014

Hey Gals,

Spring is here! Why not spring into jeans? This year, there are a lot of styles to choose from. Ready?
Legging Jeans. Skin tight jeans like leggings. Wear high heels or sneakers with these jeans. A fancy top or a tee shirt is ideal for this particular style of jeans.
Skinny jeans. Sexy! These jeans are tight like legging jeans. They look the best with a fancy top and high heels. Fabulous!
Sexy boyfriend jeans. Wear them with sneakers or heels. A fancy top or a tee shirt is just fine.
Real straight skimmer jeans. These Glorifying  jeans can be worn with high heels or deck shoes. Dress them up or down.
Floral jeans. These Special type of jeans have floral designs on them. These jeans have to be dressed up. High heels and a fancy top. Only.
Above  the  ankle skinny jeans. Cool stuff! These jeans are best to be  worn with deck shoes and a nice top.
Skinny jeans with stripes on the  bottom. These unusual pairs of jeans are past the ankle. Wear them with high heels and a silk blouse.
Classic straight leg jeans. These classic pair of jeans look best with loafers and a polo shirt. Or deck shoes. However, you can dress these jeans the way that you want to. Straight leg jeans can go with any style.
Boot cut jeans. These modern jeans HAVE to be worn with high heeled boots or high heel shoes. Wearing tennis shoes or deck shoes will make these style of jeans look tacky. Wear them with a dress shirt.
Now go and get these  jeans right away! Just kidding.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lets Go To Gary Indiana!

Gary Indiana is otherwise known as the sewer city with a population of 80,294.
84 percent of the population are African American.
Gary is located in Lake County 25 minutes away from downtown Chicago.
The city is known for it's steel mills and also the birth place of the Jackson five.
Gary is the most dangerous city in America. It has a crime rate of murder which is the high fiver.
Once upon a time, Gary had a lot of good jobs. But the competition of other countries, cut jobs by 90 percent, leaving the city in deep poverty.
Gary now has abandoned buildings and homes, making it a ghost town.
It's sad for people to have to live in poverty and a high murder rate.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Danger Fire Ants

Fire ants are ruthless, ferocious  insects  that reside in the southern part of the USofA and other tropical parts of the world. When they attack, they give out a painful sting. Fire ants are dubbed, "Fire ants" because if enough of them get on you, you feel as  though you are  on fire. Fire ants attack you when they are the slightest bit irritated. They don't attack one by one. They attack by the hundreds. Fire ants are grease lovers  and they also love electricity. They love heat. A fire ant can be in the  highest heat of a microwave and still survive. Fire ants are almost impossible to exterminate by ordinary chemicals. It takes an exterminator who specializes in killing fire ants to do the  job. Fire ants multiply by the  hundreds every six weeks. And they get into everything. They go into other people's houses and get into food, electric appliances and even beds. People  just have to live with these mean lean critters. Too bad.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Boy In Singapore Gets Caned Four Lashes In Front Of The Whole Entire School (News)

Caning is the thing to do in Singapore. There is Judicial caning, Military caning and school caning. Caning is very, VERY painful and it breaks the skin.
School caning is very common and there are school assemblies where every student must attend and watch the victim get caned.
The reasons? Talking, littering, chewing gum, smoking, gang activity, bullying.
There was a youth who beat up on another student. His punishment? Four lashes of the cane in front of the whole entire school.
So the  youth was walking down the isle led by two security guards. When the youth got on stage, the school principal caned the youth.
The first lash started. The youth yelped in pain. The second lash was carried out. Again the boy yelped in pain. A few girls looked concerned about this brutal punishment that the youth was suffering.
By the fourth lash, the boy passed out from pain. All of the students were ordered by the Principal to go back to their classes.
The school nurse, woke up the youth with smelling salts. For the rest of the day, the  youth was to stay in the Principal's office.
Singapore is a beautiful country, but if you can't take the pain, don't do wrong!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hooker Gets Life In Prison (News)

Tracy Wood otherwise known as Candy Cane was a street hooker. She was tall and thin with bleached blonde hair and  heavily made up blue eyes  like a fawn. She had long fingernails, with razors underneath for protection. On her full lips, she was wearing too much lipstick.
She was putting her hands on her hips and was walking the street of the South Bronx in New York.
All of a sudden, a man in a lumber jack shirt and a pair of Levis  jeans who looked like a thirty something, was driving his jeep and stopped and picked up Wood. They both agreed that they would stop at a hotel and Wood would do her business on her john.
So off to the hotel they went. When they found a room, Wood started to take off her clothes. That's when the john started punching Wood on her legs and body. Wood screamed shrilly. She hysterically put out the john's eyes with her razor finger nails. Then, as the john was crying out in pain, Wood harshly hit the john in the throat. The john died instantly. A neighbor next door heard the screaming and called the Police.
The Police officer came to Wood's hotel room within ten minutes. He strictly said, "What happened?"
Wood confessed that she  was being beaten by her john and the fact that she put out his eyes and also she hit him in the throat. "What you did was first degree murder You're going to jail." The Police officer said, harshly.
"But he beat me up and I had to protect myself." Wood wailed.
"If you called 911 instead of killing him, you would be much better off."  The officer said, harshly.
The officer called an ambulance and the two men came from the ambulance and put the john in a body bag and whisked him away.
The  Police officer read Wood the Miranda rights, cuffed her and drove her to the county jail. She was to stay in jail until the date of her trial.
At the trial, the Judge had no mercy. "He beat me and I was just trying to kill me! I just had to protect myself!" Wood said desperately.
"You should thought of that before you killed him." The Judge said coldly.
"I sentence you to life in the state prison without parole." Said the Judge.
"No, no, no!" Wood wailed.
Wood was taken away and was put back in jail until she went to prison.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Danger: Driver Ants Warning Graphic. Do not eat before during or after this peice is read.

Driver ants, otherwise known as Siafu, reside in different countries in Africa. They live in tropical rain forests. They travel by the millions. If you were to see driver ants travel, it looks like a stream. Driver ants are especially active after a thunderstorm. When people and insects and animals, large and small see these ants coming, they run for their lives. Why? Because driver ants will eat the insides and outsides of insects and animals as well as people. Here is how they do it. There are two types of ants. A large ant and a small driver ant. They don't crawl on a person one by one. They crawl up a person by the thousands, until the source is completely covered. The big ant has extremely strong jaws and they will pinch open the skin, allowing the little ant to crawl into the inner flesh and start eating. The ants will crawl inside the nose, ears and the brain and internal organs for their hearty meal. They will eat the eyes, nose and mouth. They eat the flesh until there is nothing left except a skeleton. People and animals are at greatest risk when they can't move or when these mean lean critters go into other people's houses. Nobody messes with them. In the country of Kenya, a man was sleeping in bed. The ants swarmed all over his face and body until he was completely covered with ants. They went inside his ears, eyes nose and mouth. They ate every part of his flesh, until there was nothing but a skeleton. So if you were to go to Africa, and see these ants, it is best to travel in the opposite direction because if you run in the same direction as these ants, they will get you. So if you ever vacation or do business in Africa, beware of these dangerous ants. They will ruin your life!

Monday, January 27, 2014

What is The Law Doing About The Knock Out Game? Absolutely Nothing That's What!

The new trend with poor urban African American men and teen age boys, is to come up to an innocent white person and knock them out with one punch. The victim passes out, sometimes even dies.
What does the law do about this? Nothing. That's what, Absolutely nothing.
There  was a teenage boy, that killed a man with the knock out punch, and was charged with battery. He was put in jail for five days. That was all.
Where is justice with all of this?
I got so concerned  about this issue, that I called the Police and I spoke with two police officers. Here is what they had  to say.
"I never heard about the knock out game." One of the Officers said. "Perhaps you can bring your concern in one of our meetings." He said.
Here is what another Officer said. "We are aware of this, but we can't do anything about this unless there is chatter on face book."
This is insane! This knock out game, is insane, and the law is doing nothing about it.
This game that the African American men and boys are doing should have much stiffer punishment.
It is sad that it has to be this way.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Knock out Game

The knock out game, is a recent dangerous trend among African American men and  teenage  boys who are underclass or from the  ghetto. They walk beside a  white  person and  knock out the white person out with one sucker punch. They target old people and  women.
This game is done in every state in the  UsofA.
This is not a race thing. This is not a hate crime against whites. It is a battery crime thing. Some whites even die from the knock out punch.
Little is being done about this. African men and teen aged boys are getting away with murder. There is no stiff punishment about this game. And white people  have to suffer.
I called the  non emergency police about this and broached this concern. Here is what one officer said. "I never heard about this. Perhaps you can tell this concern in one of our meetings, held here."
Another police officer said this. "We are aware  about this, but we can't do anything about it, unless there is chatter on facebook."
Something has to be done about this horrific crime. On the  internet, there are a lot of stories and pictures about this knock out game. In the pictures, I was horrified. I saw white people down on the ground passed out. I have seen pictures of white people with massive facial injuries because  of this terrible game.
Nobody is doing anything about this. It is a crime that goes without punishment.

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