Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fashion and Beauty For 2014

Hi Gals,

Spring is here and summer is taking a turn. The 70s look is back! I will show you the latest fashions, makeup looks, shoes and hand bags! Ready?

Clothes! Mini dresses waist huggers. Mini dresses non waist huggers. Shirt waist dresses knee length. Hip hugger evening gowns. Hip hugger evening gowns with a side slit. Evening and or prom gowns which are not waist huggers. Knee length hip hugger skirts. And of course, blue jeans! Bold colors are in this year. Floral prints are also in!

As far as make up is concerned, the smoky look is in. Lots of mascara, lots of black eyeliner on the upper and lower lids.  Followed by light glitter eye shadow on the lids and the crease and brow bones. For an ultra smoky look, wear lots of black eyes shadow on the lids only and black eye shadow on the lower lids. The winged eye shadow is in these days so when you put on eye makeup, be sure to extend your eye shadow and eyeliner past your eyes like Cleopatra.

Mineral powder is also in. Not only does it cover up your flaws, it is also good for your skin!  Blend the  powder with a kabuki brush found at Wallgreens or CVS stores. You can also find a kabuki brush at drug stores and cosmetic stores. Kabuki brushes gives you a polished professional look. Blush should be your color. Blend it in until it is transparent!

Lipstick this year is darker and berry colored!

Shoes this year are five inch stiletto heels and also strappy sandals are in.

Hand bags that are in, is the short strap hand carrying purse. Also clutch purses are in.

Jewelry is bold. Heavy earrings, heavy bracelets and heavy necklaces are in.

So start shopping and get going!

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