Sunday, March 9, 2014

Boy In Singapore Gets Caned Four Lashes In Front Of The Whole Entire School (News)

Caning is the thing to do in Singapore. There is Judicial caning, Military caning and school caning. Caning is very, VERY painful and it breaks the skin.
School caning is very common and there are school assemblies where every student must attend and watch the victim get caned.
The reasons? Talking, littering, chewing gum, smoking, gang activity, bullying.
There was a youth who beat up on another student. His punishment? Four lashes of the cane in front of the whole entire school.
So the  youth was walking down the isle led by two security guards. When the youth got on stage, the school principal caned the youth.
The first lash started. The youth yelped in pain. The second lash was carried out. Again the boy yelped in pain. A few girls looked concerned about this brutal punishment that the youth was suffering.
By the fourth lash, the boy passed out from pain. All of the students were ordered by the Principal to go back to their classes.
The school nurse, woke up the youth with smelling salts. For the rest of the day, the  youth was to stay in the Principal's office.
Singapore is a beautiful country, but if you can't take the pain, don't do wrong!

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