Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Horrors Of The Robert Taylor Homes

Yes indeed, the Robert Taylor Homes are one of the most violent and the worst housing projects in the US ofA. They are located on the South side of Chicago, Illinois.
On the fifth and ninth floor there are drug houses and the elevators are only used for drug runs. Ordinary residents have to take the stairs even if they have to walk to the 30th floor!
There are drive by shootings, cross fire shootings and lots and lots of sniper shootings that have killed hundreds of residents and Police officers.
People have to sleep on the floor or in their bath tub, simply because sniper shooters like to shoot at the windows of the projects.
Here are some comments that the  residents had to address.
"I got evicted from my apartment." Says a woman who has three children. "The rent was $500 a month. My welfare check was $650.00. I chose to live here because the rent is so cheap. But it is so bad, that me and my kids have to stay in our place all the time."
"I moved here so that I can have nice things." An old woman stated. "But my TV and my stereo got stolen. And I am afraid to got outside because of the shots."
"Me and my kids live on the twenty ninth floor. And let me tell you it is hell trying to climb up all of those stairs." A mother of two said.
"What do I think of this housing project?" A man stated. "If I wasn't on welfare I would move out of this hellish place right now."
The Robert Taylor Homes are no picnic. It is sad the way people have to live there.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wino Beats Up Middle School Boy

Early this morning, there was a wino in the park, drinking rot gut out of a paper bag.
All of a sudden, a boy who looked like he was thirteen years old, approached the wino and shouted, "I hate winos!" And started to beat up the wino. The wino grabbed the kid and kicked him in the groin. And the boy crouched down in pain. But that wasn't enough for the wino. While the boy was still on the ground he kicked the boy several times and then he gave the boy a final blow in the head.
An ambulance and the Police were called. The injured boy was rushed to the hospital with a concusion and broken ribs and the wino got arrested and got taken to the county jail.
Here are some things that by standers had to say.
"That kid had a lot of nerve." A man said. He continued. "That homeless man had every right to beat up on that kid."
"I saw the whole thing." A woman around sixty years of age said. "It was wrong of that boy to strike out at that homeless man the way he did. That man is a person too."
"Kudos for the man." A young man said. "He struck out at the kid. I never saw anything like it."
" I think that it was wrong for the Police to arrest that man. He was just sticking up for himself." A young girl said.
Strange things like what happened in this matter happen every day.

Woman Found Dead From Over Eating

Tracy Ryan was found dead in her home this morning by a shocked neighbor.
"There was food every where. There were empty boxes of cookies, ice cream, snack cakes, empty jars of peanut butter and boxes of candy." The neighbor stated.
"Often she would knock on my door to ask me to help her put her food in her house. Her house was filthy." The neighbor continued. " It looked like it hasn't been cleaned for years. And Tracy was so obese. I just felt so sorry for her."
"And when she didn't come out of her home for ten days, I assumed that something was up, so I went to her house. The door was open. I went inside and I found her lying on the floor dead. And that smell." The neighbor said as she curled her lip. "I called an ambulance right away." She continued to say.
Here are some things about Ryan that some other people had to say.
"I just felt so sorry for her." One neighbor said. She was dressed in a terry cloth robe and she had curlers in her her hair.
"She was fat and lazy." A man stated." "I would see her with boxes of food all the time. Every time that I saw her, she had tons of food." He continued to say.
" She was the talk of the neighborhood." A pretty blonde girl stated with dagger claw fingernails. "Either people would talk about her out of pity or make fun of her." She said.
" I hated her." One young man stated. "She would bring home all this food. That's the only time I saw her. And she was so fat. She was as fat as an ox."
"People didn't like her."  A woman with long black hair and blue eyes said. "She didn't seem to be very nice."
Ryan was put in the ambulance and whisked away, leaving behind her neighbors and nobody else.

Friday, April 12, 2013

In Order To Stay Alive I Had To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

When I was thirteen years old, all the popular kids in my school were smoking ciggs. In order to fit in my middle school was to smoke. I wasn't popular at all, but I so much wanted to mingle with the popular kids. So I went to a cigarette machine and bought my first pack of cigaretts. I bought a lighter and lit up. I took my first drag and blew it out of my mouth. Back then, I didn't enhale.
Over the years, I was a regular smoker. I used to smoke camels. I smoked for thirty years. I just loved to smoke. I felt powerful and relaxed. I always had a pack of smokes on me. When I didn't have a pack, I would bum smokes off of other people.
By the time I was thirty, I was up to three packs a day.
I would chain smoke like crazy.
Then, one night when I was 45-years-old, I woke up and started coughing and  wheezing. I had trouble breathing. I coughed for an hour. This happened every night for about a week. It was then the time had come to quit smoking. So I threw my smokes in the trash and never smoked again. Let me tell you, that I went through hell trying to quit. I gained 40 pounds and I was always craving cigarettes. I would chew massive amounts of bubble gum. I would eat raw veggies and eat big meals. It was hell, let me tell you. But it was either smokes or my life. I chose to live.
Today, I haven't had a cigarette in two years and I feel great!
Going cold turkey was the right thing to do.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family Vacation From Hell New York City

It all happened in August in '78. My father got this hot little dinger in his mind to vacation in New York for five days. What a surprise. Not a surprise.
When we got there, no we did not stay in a posh hotel. We wound up staying in a two room dump with roaches in the tiny kitchen. It was too bad that my parents couldn't find us a fancy hotel.
And then there was the streets as well as the many excitement of adventures that we had (not.)
For starters, there were men from other countries selling hot pretzels and Italian ices.
One time, us kids which consisted of me, my little sister and brother all had a craving in the worst way for some Italian ices. So we went to a man who was selling hot pretzels, with our tasty treat on our minds. My mother asked the vender, "We want some ices please." The man looked at my mother and he looked as though he couldn't understand her. He showed her a hot pretzle. "Come on kids." My mother said as she led us away.
I remember that the streets were all made of bricks.
And as mentioned above, there were some very amusing adventures (not,) that myself and the family had.
Exibit one. Myself, my father and sister went to the Bronx zoo. And my brother got slapped around in the boys bathroom by some rough street boys.
Exibit 2. One day, I wore a tight shirt with no bra. We went through central park and all the men were staring at my chest. My mother was furious. When we got home, my sister said to everybody, "There was a time my sister didn't wear a bra when we went to New York. And all the men were staring at her breasts. Not boys, MEN!"
Exibit 3. We went to a Yankees game. After the game, we took the subway in which was infested with graffti and there was a woman who was trying to get on. Well, a man who was getting off the train, pushed the woman out. She slapped him across the face. That woman sure had the NYC soul inside her.
Exibit 4. We all went to China Town for dinner. On our way back, I was a few feet ahead from the rest of my family. A man turned around and stared at me. My father called out to me. He told me what happened. Maybe the man was trying to sell me, maybe he wanted me to be a sex slave, heck I don't know.
Exibit 5. We were all standing on the curb and a man was there  driving a  mustang.  He was sitting behind the wheel,  taking his time, showing off. My mother kicked the car. The man was furious as he cussed out our mother.
Exibit 6. When we were on our way home, we went by Harlem. It made me sick to see all those slums with wash hanging out the windows. I swear it almost made me vomit.
Well, to sum all this up, that was the worst family vacation that we ever had. But in my family's minds, it had it's own moments.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Your Child Is The Target Of The School Bully What Should You Do? ( Article)

Your son Johnny comes home from school with a black eye. You are horrified. You ask, "Johnny, what happened to your eye?" "I fell into my locker." He said sullenly. "I don't believe you. What happened?" You ask. You are very worried. "I got punched in the eye. Now will leave me alone?" Johnny said defensely as he went to his room.
Johnny is the target of the school bully. There are things that you can do to stop this. Here are some of them.
Sue the bully's parents. This way his parents will realize how serious this is.
Sue the school. There is no need for children to tolerate bullying.
Tell the school principal. Try to let him or her know what the bully or bullies are doing to your child.
Drive your child to school every chance you can get. School bullying often happens on the school bus.
Tell the bully's parents. This may help.
With these tips, you can't go wrong.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Was A Little Bad Ass

When I was five years old, indeed, I was a little bad ass. In fact by the time you finish reading this content, you will know how much of a bad ass I really was.
On a routine basis, me and my little friends, all boys, would break windows with rocks. We really got off on that! We would also go to the construction yard and try to start up the bulldozer, crane and dump truck. We never got them to work, but we were having the time of our lives trying to do it.
One time in church, my mother told me that she was going to give me a missle. I thought that a missle was some kind of new whistle. "I'll blow on it." I said. "You blow on it, I'm going to take it away from you." My mother said.
One  time, my sister and I turned on the garden hose and we sprayed the inside of our house. The carpet, walls and couch were drenched. Our parents were furious. They said that they will give us our spankings tomorrow, but that never happened.
One time, I threw a kid's bike in the swimming pool, simply because I didn't like him.
And being five years old, I used to beat up on other kids my age. One time, I hit some five year old kid with a chain. Another time, I marked a kid's bike handles with a ball point pen.
Another time, I hit a kid with a stick. And as mentioned above, I would beat up kids my age. And this was often.
I look back on these days and I laugh. What a ruthless five year old I was!

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