Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Woman Found Dead From Over Eating

Tracy Ryan was found dead in her home this morning by a shocked neighbor.
"There was food every where. There were empty boxes of cookies, ice cream, snack cakes, empty jars of peanut butter and boxes of candy." The neighbor stated.
"Often she would knock on my door to ask me to help her put her food in her house. Her house was filthy." The neighbor continued. " It looked like it hasn't been cleaned for years. And Tracy was so obese. I just felt so sorry for her."
"And when she didn't come out of her home for ten days, I assumed that something was up, so I went to her house. The door was open. I went inside and I found her lying on the floor dead. And that smell." The neighbor said as she curled her lip. "I called an ambulance right away." She continued to say.
Here are some things about Ryan that some other people had to say.
"I just felt so sorry for her." One neighbor said. She was dressed in a terry cloth robe and she had curlers in her her hair.
"She was fat and lazy." A man stated." "I would see her with boxes of food all the time. Every time that I saw her, she had tons of food." He continued to say.
" She was the talk of the neighborhood." A pretty blonde girl stated with dagger claw fingernails. "Either people would talk about her out of pity or make fun of her." She said.
" I hated her." One young man stated. "She would bring home all this food. That's the only time I saw her. And she was so fat. She was as fat as an ox."
"People didn't like her."  A woman with long black hair and blue eyes said. "She didn't seem to be very nice."
Ryan was put in the ambulance and whisked away, leaving behind her neighbors and nobody else.

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