Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family Vacation From Hell New York City

It all happened in August in '78. My father got this hot little dinger in his mind to vacation in New York for five days. What a surprise. Not a surprise.
When we got there, no we did not stay in a posh hotel. We wound up staying in a two room dump with roaches in the tiny kitchen. It was too bad that my parents couldn't find us a fancy hotel.
And then there was the streets as well as the many excitement of adventures that we had (not.)
For starters, there were men from other countries selling hot pretzels and Italian ices.
One time, us kids which consisted of me, my little sister and brother all had a craving in the worst way for some Italian ices. So we went to a man who was selling hot pretzels, with our tasty treat on our minds. My mother asked the vender, "We want some ices please." The man looked at my mother and he looked as though he couldn't understand her. He showed her a hot pretzle. "Come on kids." My mother said as she led us away.
I remember that the streets were all made of bricks.
And as mentioned above, there were some very amusing adventures (not,) that myself and the family had.
Exibit one. Myself, my father and sister went to the Bronx zoo. And my brother got slapped around in the boys bathroom by some rough street boys.
Exibit 2. One day, I wore a tight shirt with no bra. We went through central park and all the men were staring at my chest. My mother was furious. When we got home, my sister said to everybody, "There was a time my sister didn't wear a bra when we went to New York. And all the men were staring at her breasts. Not boys, MEN!"
Exibit 3. We went to a Yankees game. After the game, we took the subway in which was infested with graffti and there was a woman who was trying to get on. Well, a man who was getting off the train, pushed the woman out. She slapped him across the face. That woman sure had the NYC soul inside her.
Exibit 4. We all went to China Town for dinner. On our way back, I was a few feet ahead from the rest of my family. A man turned around and stared at me. My father called out to me. He told me what happened. Maybe the man was trying to sell me, maybe he wanted me to be a sex slave, heck I don't know.
Exibit 5. We were all standing on the curb and a man was there  driving a  mustang.  He was sitting behind the wheel,  taking his time, showing off. My mother kicked the car. The man was furious as he cussed out our mother.
Exibit 6. When we were on our way home, we went by Harlem. It made me sick to see all those slums with wash hanging out the windows. I swear it almost made me vomit.
Well, to sum all this up, that was the worst family vacation that we ever had. But in my family's minds, it had it's own moments.

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