Friday, April 12, 2013

In Order To Stay Alive I Had To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

When I was thirteen years old, all the popular kids in my school were smoking ciggs. In order to fit in my middle school was to smoke. I wasn't popular at all, but I so much wanted to mingle with the popular kids. So I went to a cigarette machine and bought my first pack of cigaretts. I bought a lighter and lit up. I took my first drag and blew it out of my mouth. Back then, I didn't enhale.
Over the years, I was a regular smoker. I used to smoke camels. I smoked for thirty years. I just loved to smoke. I felt powerful and relaxed. I always had a pack of smokes on me. When I didn't have a pack, I would bum smokes off of other people.
By the time I was thirty, I was up to three packs a day.
I would chain smoke like crazy.
Then, one night when I was 45-years-old, I woke up and started coughing and  wheezing. I had trouble breathing. I coughed for an hour. This happened every night for about a week. It was then the time had come to quit smoking. So I threw my smokes in the trash and never smoked again. Let me tell you, that I went through hell trying to quit. I gained 40 pounds and I was always craving cigarettes. I would chew massive amounts of bubble gum. I would eat raw veggies and eat big meals. It was hell, let me tell you. But it was either smokes or my life. I chose to live.
Today, I haven't had a cigarette in two years and I feel great!
Going cold turkey was the right thing to do.

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