Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Horrors Of The Robert Taylor Homes

Yes indeed, the Robert Taylor Homes are one of the most violent and the worst housing projects in the US ofA. They are located on the South side of Chicago, Illinois.
On the fifth and ninth floor there are drug houses and the elevators are only used for drug runs. Ordinary residents have to take the stairs even if they have to walk to the 30th floor!
There are drive by shootings, cross fire shootings and lots and lots of sniper shootings that have killed hundreds of residents and Police officers.
People have to sleep on the floor or in their bath tub, simply because sniper shooters like to shoot at the windows of the projects.
Here are some comments that the  residents had to address.
"I got evicted from my apartment." Says a woman who has three children. "The rent was $500 a month. My welfare check was $650.00. I chose to live here because the rent is so cheap. But it is so bad, that me and my kids have to stay in our place all the time."
"I moved here so that I can have nice things." An old woman stated. "But my TV and my stereo got stolen. And I am afraid to got outside because of the shots."
"Me and my kids live on the twenty ninth floor. And let me tell you it is hell trying to climb up all of those stairs." A mother of two said.
"What do I think of this housing project?" A man stated. "If I wasn't on welfare I would move out of this hellish place right now."
The Robert Taylor Homes are no picnic. It is sad the way people have to live there.

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