Friday, November 8, 2013

I Was Once A Scape Goat

Once upon a time, There was a magical, mystical land called Triond for writers. Triond  was  a publishing service where people would write and publish content.
I used to write and publish poetry, short stories songs and articles.
I published 990 pieces of content while I was there.
People liked my writing and they would e mail me and give me compliments.
But that was only one side of Triond. The other side of Triond, was the deep dark, Hellacious place called the Forum.
The Forum was a dismal place where people would post topics, goof around, argue and the whole Forum would gang up on one person and make them a scape goat. And that person was me.
People would call me "weird." and "strange." And  that was the nicer things that people in the Forum would whip me with.
They would laugh at me, call me, "Sybil."
They would take my written content and show it to every body.
They would mock me and scorn me by calling me an "idiot," and "retarded."
One member, took out a picture of Saturday Night Lives's  classic character, Rozanna Rozanna Danna and put on the bottom, "Katalina Parfum is a friggin idiot." (My pen name was Katalina Parfum.)
The  whole Forum would mock my writing out of jealousy, And constantly harass me with bad language and bad words.
You're probably thinking, ' If she was always getting harassed and abused, why did she bother to go into the Forum?'
It was  because I liked the Forum. I found it to be interesting. The posts like, "Name three things  that you like about yourself and why."And, "Ahem Time To Introduce yourself." And, "The three word game." etc.
I also went down there with secret hope  that people would like me.
But that unfortunately never happened.
One person, got my profile picture and wore it and acted like me out of spite and mockery. Now that made me really upset.
It upset me tremendously when people would make mean, ornery topics about me such as, ' Katalina Parfum is a friggin retard.' and 'Let's get Katalina Parfum.'
People on Triond would write mean, nasty, conniving stories about me and publish them on the Internet.
Luckily, I am a strong person and I was able to tolerate the mistreatings and them being barbaric towards me.
I was able to fight back like posting, "Look who's talking." Or, "Why do you guys have to be so mean to me. Give me a break for once."
I was like a kitten in a snake pit.
Finally, the Forums closed on October 23rd, 2011. The owners of Triond found the Forum to be inappropriate and abusive.
I continued to stay on Triond and write content and get it published.
Finally, I left Triond  in early 2013. I was suffering from severe writers burnout and I was getting tired of Triond so I left.
I will always remember the Forum and how nasty people were to me, but I keep it in the back of my head.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crazed Mom Stomps On Christmas Tree Lights ( Fiction News )

Norman Farley and his wife Jenny, were decorating the Christmas tree.
They were trying to agree as to what type of lights to put on the tree. The ordinary multi colored ones or the blinking multi color ones.
Jenny wanted to put on the blinking lights, while Norman wanted to put on the ordinary lights.
They started to argue. Jenny was screaming at the top of her lungs. "THE BLINKING ONES!" She screamed. "Jenny, calm down. I like the regular lights. They would look so much better." Norman pointed out.
All of a sudden, Jenny lost her temper completely and stomped on the box of regular Christmas tree lights, while Norman stood there helpless.
Jenny stomped on those Christmas tree lights again. And again. And again, while Norman just stood there.
"My mom's crazy." Said their 14-year-old son.
"She is mentally ill. Seriously. She does this stuff all the time. She is nuts."
"That's not a nice thing to say about your mother." I said as I spoke into the tape recorder microphone.
I pivoted the microphone to Danny and he said, "Well you don't have to live with her. I do."
"What do you do when your mom acts like this?" I asked him.
"Nothing. I just leave the scene." He then shrugged his shoulders.
"Is your mother nice?' I ask.
"Sometimes." Danny said.
"What other crazy things does she do?" I asked him.
"She runs around the house when she's mad and she throws things. She knocks over tables. She talks to herself. and this happens a lot." Danny said.
I turned off the tape recorder and I said, "Thank you Danny."
I headed home and I smiled to myself. I had a scoop!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Angry Mother Puts Ice cream In Child's Hand

Lily Wilder and her two kids, John who was 7-years-old and Sue, who was 14-years-old, came home from a long day at the beach.
John right away, demanded ice cream. "Gimme some ice cream mom, right now."
Flustered, Lily went to the freezer, took out a carton of vanilla ice cream, got a spoon and dug into the stiff ice cream.
She glopped it right in John's hand. Sue was stunned. John started to scream.
Sue not believing what she saw, went upstairs and ran to her mother's room and dialed 911.
"911 emergency." An operator said in a sugary voice.
"I'd like to report a case of child abuse. My mom just put some ice cream in my brother's hand."
Silence on the line for about a minute.
"OK I will send out the Police." The operator said, smoothly.
Sue gave the address and hung up the phone.
She then went outside and waited for the Police to show up.
When the Police came, They went right to Sue and asked what was going on.
"It is child abuse. You see, my mother glopped ice cream in my brother's hand."
The officer's looked at each other and started laughing.
"I don't think it's a bit funny." Sue said stoutly.
"Ma'm, putting ice cream in a child's hand is not child abuse. It's just crazy that's all."
The two Police officers started laughing again as they went into the cruiser.
Sue ran back into the house and slammed the door and went up to John's room. He was in bed.
"John are you OK?" Sue asked. "I'm fine." John said.
"It was a terrible thing what mother did to you." Sue said, softly.
"Yeah, good night." John muttered as he rolled around in his bed.
Lily was in her room.
Sue did not want to have anything to do with her mother after pulling that crazy act.
She simply went to her room and closed the door.
The house was still and quiet.

In Order To Stay Alive, I Had To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Yeah, I remember when I had my first cigarette. I was 13-years-old and I lit it up. I didn't inhale though. I walked around with it making glamorous moves like a movie star. I thought I was cool.
All the cool kids at my school, smoked ciggs and  pot. And me, being so unpopular, I wanted to be just like them, so I took up smoking.
For the first year of smoking cigarettes, I didn't inhale, but I smoked a pack a day. It was so easy back then to buy ciggs out of the cigarette machine.
When I was 14, I was sent to boarding school. And I did inhale. I just loved smoking. It made me feel glamorous. Powerful. With it.
Over the years, I smoked up to three packs a day.
I was hopelessly hooked. I just couldn't stop.
My fingers had nicotine stains on them. My teeth were brown. The white walls of my apartment turned yellow from the tar. My clothes smelled like cigarettes.
I had been smoking for 30 years.
And then one night, I woke up coughing, hacking, wheezing and I had trouble breathing. This went on for a week. I kept on telling myself that I would never, EVER have another cigarette again. But the following morning, that promise was broken.
Finally, I had to put the smokes away and I did.
And from then, I quit cold turkey.
Let me tell you, it was hell. For three weeks, I had to lie in bed, trying to fight the nicotine withdrawals.
I gained 40 pounds, eating like a pig.
Every time that I would have a craving for a cigg, I would have a piece of cake or pie or something else that was fattening.
This went on for a year.
That was three years ago. I am now smoke free.
And I lost 12 pounds.
I still crave smokes, but I know how bad my health will get if I started up again.
I was dying before.
So that's my story of my cigarette  smoking. Smokers, I hope  you take it from me. Cigarettes are slow killers.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

High School Girl Puts Nair In Classmate's Shampoo (Fiction News)

Lisa Rucker was taking a shower after gym class. She washed her hair like a mad woman.
All of a sudden, Lisa screamed and came running out of the shower into the locker room, screaming.
"She claimed that her hair was falling out in clumps." A student said.
The gym teacher by the name of Mrs. Roth, walked in the locker room and demanded what was going on.
"My hair is falling out in clumps!" Lisa howled.
"How did that happen?" Asked Mrs. Roth.
"I was washing my hair and clumps of hair fell out. I'm going bald!" Lisa started to cry. Mrs. Roth
 left the locker room and came back with a bottle of Lisa's shampoo.
"This shampoo smells like Nair." Remarked Mrs. Roth.
"Who did it!" Shouted Mrs. Roth.
"Who put Nair in Lisa's shampoo? Nobody is going anywhere until I find out." Mrs. Roth Said.
So the girls in the class waited, expecting somebody to confess the horrific prank.
The tardy bell rang. "Nobody is going anywhere until I find out." Said Mrs. Roth.
The girls were getting impatient as  they sighed and looked at their watches.
"We all were pissed off. We had to wait and find out who did it. It was very annoying." A pretty red head remarked.
Finally, a small girl in overalls with short blond hair and average looking blue eyes came forward. "I- I_ did it." She stuttered. Her name was Lee Farnsworth.
"OK everybody can go now. Except for you Lee." Mrs. Roth gave Lee a look of contempt.
"Thank you for making me miss my final class." A pretty blond girl remarked as she shoved Lee into a locker.
After all the girls left the locker room, Mrs. Roth asked, "why did you do this?"
"It's a long story." Lee said.
"Well why don't we go to the Principal's office and you can tell your long story to him." Mrs. Roth said, caustically.
They both walked to the Principal's office and Mrs. Roth stated to the Principal, Mr. Lawson about what Lee had done.
Mr. Lawson and Mrs. Roth listened as Lee tearfully told her story as to why she put Nair in Lisa Rucker's shampoo.
"She claimed that Lisa's ex boyfriend was interested in Lee and Lisa still had feelings for him. And every day, Lisa would taunt, abuse and harass Lee." Mrs. Roth said.
"I did it to get back at her." Lee said through tears.
Lee got suspended from School for two days. Lisa  now wears a wig.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Homeless Man Beats Up Middle School Boy ( Fiction News)

Dwayne Russi Wasz  was sitting by a garbage can on the streets, drinking a bottle of rot gut. As long as this homeless man had booze  to drink, he was happy.
All of a sudden, a boy who looked about thirteen years old or so, approached Wasz and shouted, "I hate homeless people!"
He  then started punching Wasz in the face.
Wasz got up and started punching and kicking the boy until the boy passed out.
A crowd of people stood there and watched the crazy scene.
The Police and an ambulance were called. The boy was put  in the ambulance, on his way to the hospital.
Wasz was put in the Police car and one of the cops read Wasz his Miranda rights.
Then, Wasz was taken to jail.
Here are some things that people had to say.
"I've never seen anything like  this." Said  a boy who looked like a college student.
"That little boy had a lot of nerve, trying to beat up that homeless man." An old lady said.
"If I were  the  homeless guy, I would have beat up on that kid too." A middle aged man said.
"Kudos for the homeless guy." A kid about nine or so said.
The moral of this crazy story is  not to mess with street people. They are fast and feisty. And they will hurt you.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Young Child Found Dead In Junkyard (Fiction News)

Maddie Willis was doing laundry, when her six year old daughter asked  her mother if she could  play outside.
Maddie said yes and  on Shelia, Maddie's daughter went out with the dog, Benji.
As Maddie was ironing the clothes, that were freshly washed, it seemed like Shelia had  been gone for a long time.
Maddie started to get worried. Then, she got panicky. 'My daughter is missing.' She thought.
So Maddie turned off the  iron and  attempted to look for her missing daughter.
So on she went, outside  calling over and over again, "Shelia, Shelia!"
But Shelia was nowhere in sight.
Then, she heard a dog barking in the distance. Maddie went closer and closer to the barking dog. The bark sounded like Benji's bark.
She followed that  bark to the  junkyard. Benji was there, barking and  barking around a refrigerator. Maddie panicked as she opened the  refrigerator door.
There  was Shelia and she was dead.
Maddie started screaming, "No! no! no!"
Maddie  went back to the house and called 911. An Operator answered.
Maddie said hysterically, "Help! My daughter is  dead! Please send out the Police  and an ambulance right away!" Maddie said as  she dropped the phone.  She picked it up and gave out her address and  hung up.
Within minutes, the police and an ambulance came to Maddie's home.
The  Police asked Maddie a  lot of questions. Maddie answered them in tears.
Shelia  was rushed to the Morgue.
Maddie sold the house and  moved to a different state. She wanted to be as far away as possible from the tragic incident.
Benji was put in an animal shelter.

Young Girl Gets Put In The Hospital For Threats Of Suicide (Fiction News)

Laurie Blum was an awkward thirteen year old girl who had a lot of problems.
She was not pretty. She was a  toad in a basket of kittens. She  wore old fashioned clothes and never said  anything much of the time.
Laurie kept to herself and she didn't have any friends.
One day in October, Laurie passed out a piece of paper on a clip board stating, 'Should I kill myself or not?'
If the majority of the school wrote, "Yes," Laurie was going to kill herself on Halloween night.
A concerned teacher  called Laurie's parents and told them the situation.
Laurie was put in a psychiatric hospital by her uptight parents.
Here  are what some of her class mates had to say.
"She was so disgusting." A pretty blond girl stated. " She smelled, she picked her nose. Nobody wanted to be around her." The girl went on.
"I hated her." A boy stated. "She was pathetic. She  didn't belong in school the retard."
"I felt so sorry for her." A dark haired girl stated. "She was so weird. She would talk to herself."
Her parents stated, "Our daughter had problems, but we never knew that it would lead to this." Her father said.
"We tried to get her to make friends and to make something of herself in school, but it was a no go." Her  mother said.
Laurie is going to be in the hospital for a long time. Her Doctor says that Laurie is "Making little progress. She will be here for a while."

Bullied Teen Commits Suicide (Fiction News)

Randy Clark was found hanging on his bicycle chain in the garage by his devastated parents.
Randy was a quiet, boy who kept to himself. He loved to ride his bike and he loved to read. He also loved computers.
Randy generally got good grades in school however,  he only had one friend.
Randy left a note on the family car. It read,

Dear mom and dad.

I decided to kill myself, because a bunch of boys keep harassing me.
They make fun of me, they beat me up, they call me names.
This happens every day. Being dead is the only way out.
I didn't want it to happen this way, but these boys keep on picking on me and they call me names like "gay," and "faggot."
This is my only way out.
I never wanted it to happen this way, but I just couldn't take it any more. I just have to move on.
Mom and dad, you can have my stereo, my computer and all of my CDs.
Just remember mom and dad, I love you both, and I will see  you here in heaven.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark, tracked down the parents of the boys that picked on Randy, causing him to commit suicide and they are filing lawsuits against the parents of the boys who hurt Randy.
Mrs Clark told the police in tears that Randy was "Such a wonderful boy who was patient, considerate of others and obedient. He was my little angel. I love him so much and now he is gone. He never told me about the boys that picked on him. This is just horrid, losing our son and all."
Mr. Clark said to the police in tears," We found the parents of the boys who did this to our son and we are filing lawsuits. Randy was a good kid who never deserved such trauma."
Randy's funeral services  will be held next week.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I don't Feel 48 I Feel Great!

Yes, middle age has hit me in the face and it does to everybody who lives that long. Most people think I'm going crackers for liking being middle aged but I love it.
You see, my youth was  a curse. Full of child abuse and scapegoat clear through high school. People used to call me ugly on the streets.
I used to feel really bad all the time and I felt a lot of pain when I was young.
I especially felt bad when I was 25. Nothing was going right.
I had a job a stressful job at that as a Law Clerk and I was constantly under pressure.
Everybody was rude to me and they thought me to be ugly People on the street constantly said that I was ugly. I had acne all over my face and I was shockingly thin.
I was always strapped for cash and I lived in a one room apartment with zillions of cockroaches.
I had very few friends.
I was  in despair that nothing good would happen to me.
I would go to bars to have drinks and even the Bartenders said, "What was that?"
I suffered all through my twenties, thirties and up until I was 45.
Things got better after I was 45. I no longer care about how I look as long as I am neat and clean and presentable.
I no longer care what people think of me,
I have a loving husband and two loving kitties. But most of all, I have myself. I have a few friends and I no longer feel bad. In fact I feel good.
I just love being middle aged. I am wiser, stronger and I know a lot.
So If you don't agree with me, I will stick out my tongue at you.

Friday, October 25, 2013

How To Deal With A collection Agency

So you're strapped for cash and a collectors agency calls you stating that you owe them 1,404 dollars. You can say that you are tight on cash.
If they ask you to make a payment plan, just say, that  you make 400 dollars and there is no way that you can pay that bill.
Write them a letter claiming that you can't afford to pay a bill. It should go like this,

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am only receiving 400.00 a month and I cannot afford to pay this bill. My assets have been depleted and I have no employment prospects.
If you handle this further, I will  call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint against you if you plan to sue me.
John Doe

If you have little money or no money coming in, and if they attempt to sue you, call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint against them.
Collectors are not allowed to call you past 8:00 or on weekends.
If you get a bill in the mail, call the billing department right away and tell them that you can't pay for it and hang up.
Collectors are not allowed to harass you over the phone. If they do, The Better Business Bureau can help.
Fight them!

Playing It Safe What To Do When you Walk In A Bad Neighborhood

You  are walking down the street, when all of a sudden, two hoodlums run up to you and snatch your purse and one of them punches you in the eye. You scream.
That is a bad way to handle such a tragic incident. Never scream when you are being attacked. It will only make the attacker even more violent.
Some people have no choice. They have to walk into bad neighborhoods to go to work or see family members.
Here are some guidelines on what to do if you walk through a bad neighborhood.
Always carry a can of mace. This way you will have protection from the bad guys. Spray it straight in the eyes of your attacker.
Don't carry a purse and try to be discreet with your wallet. If somebody mugs you, give them your wallet and don't say a word.
If somebody follows you, ignore them. Just keep on going where you are going. Don't run or scream.
If the person attacks you, spray them with mace.
If people throws things at you, let it be rocks or bottles, sit down on the ground and put your hands behind your head. This way, you won't get hit in the face. Or you can go under a car.
If somebody yells, "Hey who are you?" State your name. If that person gives you a hard time, spray them with mace.
If you smoke and somebody asks for a cigarette, give them one. If somebody asks you for money, ditto. If you don't, that person may attack you.
If a bunch of people try to attack you, go crazy with the mace and try to spray as many people that you can.
If somebody grabs you and has you in a lock, spin around really fast and spray that person with mace.
Walk like you know where you are going. If you go meekly or if you are scared, the bad guys will take advantage of you.
If there is a shooting going on, run in a zig zag way and get the heck out of that neighborhood until the shooting is all done.
If you take my advice you will be safe and sound.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lynda Howard The Legend

Triond is a writing website where you can write and publish your content. And deep in the heart of Triond are the forums. The forums is a place  where Triond writers (Trionders,) Go to discuss different topics.
One balmy day in July, a middle aged woman by the name of Lynda Howard joined the magical mystical nation of Triond.
Not too long after she was there, she was in the forums one night claiming that she had a heart attack. Two people told her to call 911.
Lynda e mailed me a message the following day, claiming that she had two more heart attacks and that she almost died. "They're keeping me an eye on me." Lynda said.
And  back in the forums she was talking to others about her three notorious heart attacks.
Two people didn't believe her and started to give her flack about it.
"Three heart attacks?? Nobody can survive after three heart attacks." Somebody said.
After that evening, people turned  on Lynda. And Lynda acted very strange.
She was calling all the women "Dudes," And she told people to "Walk the plank." And to "Pluck your feathers." and, "Braid your butt hairs."
Everybody in the forums picked on Lynda and called her names. It wasn't just a few people, it was EVERYBODY in the forums that picked on her.
The teasing got so bad, that I sent her an e mail stating that she should stay out of the forums. I indicated that she was every body's scape goat.
But Lynda kept going into the forums and took the teasing and abuse very well.
Finally, one day, she put up a post stating, "I'm leaving my husband. Safety reasons."
She  mentioned that her husband hit one of her kids and that she was leaving  Triond. And she did.
Lynda stayes in Trionders minds to this very day and in some ways, she was  my friend.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guidelines On How To Take Care Of Your Gerbil

If you have gerbils and you need some advice on how to take care of them, read on. I will give you some pointers on how to take care of him or her.
Gerbils are cute little rodents that hop like kangaroos. That is because they come from the kangaroo family.
Always keep the lid on the cage. Gerbils are extremely hyper active and without the lid on, they will jump out of the cage and you will wind up having a wild goose chase trying to get your gerbil. So always keep the lid on the cage OK?
Feed your gerbil pellets or sunflower seeds. Gerbils LOVE sunflower seeds so put in a good supply. You can get sunflower seeds at your local pet store. Or try to get them at the store.
Clean their cage once a week. Put the gerbil/gerbils in a shoe box full of holes. Put them on the ground of the cage. Pick up your gerbils by the base of the tail and put them in the box. As quickly as possible close the lid and lift the box out of the cage.
Dump the old wooden shavings in the garbage and fill the bottom of the cage with new wood shavings. you must remove the exercise wheel, and any food and the water bottle to do this.
Put back the water bottle and the exercise wheel. Get the shoebox and put it on  the floor of the cage and open the lid of the box. The gerbils will hop out of the shoebox and into the cage. Whisk the shoebox out of the cage and quickly close the lid. Do this fast so you won't have to go on a wild goose chase. Make sure that their water bottle is filled on a daily basis.
Put sunflower seeds in their tiny dish once a day. Give them a lot and they will be happy.
Always keep the cage away from heat. The gerbils could die, so make sure you put them in a place that is room temperature.
If you get two male gerbils, they are likely to fight. So if you don't want that, get two female gerbils.
Play with your gerbil/gerbils. At the pet store, they have little round balls for your little pets to get into and take a joy ride!
And that's it! You can now take care of your new friend/friends!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Guidelines On How To Care For Your Red Ear Slider Turtle

Taking care is easy. You only have to make it happy and to love you.
Here are some pointers on how to care for your turtle.
Always fill the tank with room temperature water.
Never put hot water in the tank. The turtle will die.
Always put in anti chlorine drops in the tank. Or else the turtle will die.
Feed your turtle only a few pellets or gold fish or guppies. Red ear slider turtles eat like pigs, so give them a small amount.
Clean the tank every day. Put your turtle in a bucket and add some anti chlorine drops. The bucket should be filled with room temperature water. Take the fish tank and either scoop out the water and wipe the bottom with a paper towel or empty the tank out in the bath tub.
Fill the tank one quarter of the way. put in the anti chlorine drops and put the turtle in. Put something to sit on in there too like a couple of bricks or a large Tupperware bowl turned upside down.
Always wash your hands after handling a turtle.
If you fill the tank with cold water the turtle will hibernate.
Give your turtle some vitamins for turtles. It may make them hyper and they will climb out of their tank, but isn't it worth it to have a healthy turtle?
Red ear slider turtles may hiss,but they don't bite.
Good luck with your little friend!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I was a Little Bad Ass

When I was the  tiny age of 5-years-old, indeed I was a little  bad ass.
And  by the time  you finish reading this content, you will know how much of a bad ass  I really was.
When I was that innocent age of five  years, I hung around some rough boys who were also five. We would beat up on little kids. Break windows.
We would get a bucket of sand, scoop up some ants and go to our homes and scatter the sand full of ants all of the kitchen floor. My mother cried. "Where are all these ants coming from?" She sobbed.
One time, I threw a kid's bike into the swimming pool, simply because I didn't like him.
Another time, myself and my friend Eric, went to the construction yard and we tried to start up a bull dozer. I guess  we wanted to take a joy ride in the bull dozer. When we couldn't do it, we started throwing mud balls at each other.
A baby sitter was staying at our house for the weekend, because my parents were leaving town. Well, I crept in her room, took some baby powder and put it all over the room, including the dresser and her bed. Then, I got some toothpaste and I squeezed it in her bed. I will never forget the look on her face when she found out. It read, "How dare you!"
My sister and I one hot summer day, took a garden hose and sprayed it inside our house! Dis we get spanked? "Tomorrow." My father said. But tomorrow never happened.
My mother  and I  were in Church. My mother whispered to me, "I'm going to give you a missle."
Now here  I thought that this  "missle," Was a new kind of whistle, so I told my mother, "I'll blow on  it." "You blow on it  I will have to take it away from you."
And there I was. The  5-year-old little bad ass. And did I get spanked for all the things I did? You betcha!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How To Successfully Find Your Own Apartment

So it's time to move right? And you have to look for another apartment.
Well I will show you some pointers on how you can successfully find your own apartment without a problem.
 Look in the  news paper for listed apartments, or go to an apartment finding agency. A professional apartment finder will take you to find the right apartment that will fit your budget.
Look at money matters. Your apartment should cost half of your income. If you have eight-hundred dollars, you will need to get an a apartment for $400.00 with utilities included. I know these days with rents going sky high, that 400.00 with utilities included are hard to find, but keep on looking. If you have 2,000 per month, look for an apartment for 1,000 dollars. Apartments for that price are easy to find. You may have to pay for gas and electric, but apartments for that price has lovely rooms in good neighborhoods.
When looking for an apartment, and if you see the one that you want, first go around to look at the garbage dumpsters and see if there are any rats. If there is a big hole in the back door that is made out of wood, you will know that there are rats in the building.
Next, at night time go into the neighborhood carefully and see if the neighborhood is good or bad. If you see a  lot of people smoking crack, shooting up, or if you hear any gun shots, you know that you are in a bad neighborhood and you should not take that apartment.
Make an appointment to talk to the landlord to see your desired apartment. When the Landlord shows you that apartment, go to the bathroom and turn on the shower. If the shower has poor water presser, don't take the apartment. You will have a bad hair day every day!
Look inside the cubords for roaches, rats and mice. If there are any, don't take the apartment.
If everything is OK, take the apartment and sign the lease but look at the terms before signing.
And there you go! Your own apartment. Enjoy it!

The Dangers Of Getting A Perm

So you want to get a perm huh?
You will feel beautiful and glamorous with a perm, right?
Wrong. And I will tell you why.
First of all, if you have dry brittle hair, take a pass  on the perm. Your hair will fall out!
Don't wash your hair right before you get a perm. Your hair will be fried out and fuzzy. Rather than that, wash your hair three to four days before you get your perm.
When you go to the beauty salon on your big perm day, your hair stylist will will put dangerous chemicals in your hair.
Then comes the scorching rods that she will curl your hair with. And that is also very harmful to your hair.
Finally, when the rods come out, your hair is always dry and brittle. Your hair looks glamorous, but at the same time, your hair is scorched and damaged.
Never wash your hair after getting a perm. You will ruin it. Wait 24 to 48 hours to wash your hair .
I have   heard horror stories about perms. Some people have burnt, botched hair from a perm. Others get frizzy hair from a perm. Other people get hair that falls out in clumps.
So if you want to get a perm, think twice.

Invasion Of The Carpenter Ants

Once upon a time, back in the seventies, my little brother was having his seventh birthday party.
He invited  a lot of his friends over for hot dogs and birthday cake. He opened his presents before lunch, which was about to turn into a disaster.
Everything at his birthday lunch went smoothly and pleasant when all of a sudden, hundreds of carpenter ants came into a crack in the kitchen window  from out side. They must have smelled the hot dogs.
They were all over the kitchen. I screamed out of disbelief and horror. My little sister was just standing there not knowing what to do. My mother went into the fridge to get the birthday cake and put it it on the dining room table where my little brother and all of his friends were seated.
Well, the little critters went into the cake! What a bother that was! Mom had to throw it out and my brother's friends went home.
This happened in 1977. And I will  always remember  it.

How To Stay Warm In Sub Zero Temps.

Yes indeedy, winter is just around the corner and in many parts of the world, that means that temps. will go down to sub zero at times.
Just be prepared. I will show you some pointers on how to keep warm and toasty.
First of all, don't go outside unless you have to.
Always bundle yourself up. Wear a long underwear, pants or jeans, a down jacket, heavy gloves a scarf around your face and neck. Earmuffs and a hat. Wear boots with rubber soles so you won't slip on the ice.
At home, put your sheets in the dryer for an hour. This way, you will have warm sheets to sleep in.
Take a shower and wash your hair at night, so you will have extra time to bundle up in the  morning.
Eat a hot breakfast and drink a hot beverage.
And that's it!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Japanese Dolls (Short Mini Story For Little Children)

They were two little Japanese dolls seven inches tall, standing solemnly on their Mistress's dresser. One of the dolls was dressed in a dark blue silk kimono with black glass eyes and real jet black hair put up in a geisha hairstyle. Her face was made of plaster. In her left hand, she was carrying a paper fan. She was standing on a wooden block.. Her name was Kimi.
The other doll was dressed in a  light blue silk kimono and she too had black glass eyes. Her hair was real and was also put up in a geisha hairstyle. Her face was made of plaster. In her hand she was carrying a paper umbrella. She also was standing on a wooden block. Her name was Noko.
"I wish our mistress Karen would play with us." Kimi said as she fanned herself. Dolls can talk and move. But you can't see or hear them.
"I don't see why she doesn't." Noko said, wistfully.
"She is always staring at us, but she never has the time to play with us." Kimi said, sadly.
"I am getting tired of standing." Noko said.
"So am I." Kimi said as she fanned herself.
"There must be a purpose for us." Kimi said.
"But what is it?" Asked Noko.
"I don't know." Said Kimi, sadly.
"There  has to be a  reason." Said Noko.
"There seems to be no reason. we just stand here." Said Kimi.
All of a sudden, their mistress named Karen walked into the  room.
Karen was six years old. She was short and thin. She had light brown hair and sea green eyes. She stopped and stared at the dolls for a minute, then, she opened the dresser drawer and got out a pair of socks.
She put  them, followed by a pair of shoes, then quietly left the room.
"See, all she does is  look at us." Kimi said.
"I know." Said Noko.
Then, Karen came back into the  room with a friend. Karen's friend was short and pudgy. She had red hair and freckles and brown eyes. She stopped and stared  at the dolls.
"Oh what pretty dolls." She said. She ran a fat freckled finger down Noko's silk kimono.
"My father got them when he was in Japan." Karen said.
"Can we Play with them?" Asked Karen's friend.
"No. They are to be looked at and admired." Karen said.
The two dolls looked at each other.
"Looked at and admired! That is our purpose!" Noko said. She was  excited.
And it was.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Want a pet? Get a Kitten

Aw so cute. Baby kittens. Every  time you see one let it be live or on TV, you want to hold them and cuddle with them. Right?
Well let it all come true.
To get a kitten, go to a local pet store or an animal shelter. Make sure you have a cat carrier before hand. All pet stores have one.
Pick out the kitten you want.
You will need a litter box, a bowl for food and a bowl for water. You will also need cat litter sold in all local stores or the pet store.
Now you are ready to take the kitten home.
Let the kitten go free. Have him or her explore your home. Put down the litter box and fill it up  with cat litter. Fill the bowl with kitten chow brand cat food. Put down a bowl full of water. You can also feed the kitten with soft cat food.
Change the cat litter every other day. Make sure that the kitten chow is filled 247. Give your kitten fresh water three times per day.
Kittens like to play. They also like to chew on things such as plastic, cords and leather.
There is a spray which smells awful to kittens and cats. You can buy it in the pet store.
Spray it on cords, leather. Kittens also like to scratch on furniture so spray the cat repellent on your furniture too.  To humans this spray smells like apples, but  to kittens and cats, it smells disgusting.
Kittens like cats are independent. They may need to be potty trained but other than that they take care of themselves.
Play with your kitten. Buy some cat toys.
Cuddle and hold your kitten. Love him or her up. Kittens are adorable and so much fun to play with and so soothing to hold and cuddle!
When the kitten is six months old, he or she will go into heat. Male cats spray substance to mark their territory. Female cats cry constantly. If you want to get your cat fixed, take him or her to the vet and have them fixed. It is your choice.
Make sure that they get their shots by the vet once a year.
Clip his or her nails every week, when their claws look like fish hooks.
Kittens don't need to be washed a whole lot but bathe them frequently with cat shampoo. Now cats and kittens hate water, but you have to wash them. They may put up a struggle, but bear with it. But isn't it worth it to have a clean, shiny fur cat? Of course  it is.
And you made a new friend!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five Good Ways To Lose A Friend

Friend or foe. There are people who just don't know how to be a real friend. They sleep with your boyfriend/girlfriend, back stab you and they get on your nerves.

Here are some examples on how to lose a friend.
Jamie was on her way home from the store. As she opened the front door to her house, she heard some moaning coming from the living room. To her horror, there was her best friend Wendy having sex with Jamie's boyfriend! Now that is the A number one thing on how to lose a friend..

Susie had a friend that was always bossing her around telling her what to do. Her friend also snapped at Susie to make it worse. Now what kind of friend is that?

Julie and her best friend Haley, were friends. That was until Haley started spreading rumors that Julie was sleeping with a bunch of guys and the fact that Julie was pregnant. None of this is true. Never be a back stabber.

Ginny was always clinging on to Tracy, her best friend. Ginny was always at Tracy's house until Tracy almost kicked her out. Then, Ginny called Tracy to talk. Never have a friend who is clingy with you.

John was always on his cell phone. Ray,  John's best friend was always annoyed about John making cell phone calls, checking messages, and answering calls. It seemed that John never had time for Ray.
Don't stick to somebody who neglects you.

And there you have it! Five ways to lose a friend!

Want a pet? Get A Gerbil

Gerbils are rodents that live in the desert. Unlike mice or rats, coming from the kangaroo family, they stand on their hind legs and hop. Gerbils are hyper active but so adorable to have as pets.
If you want a gerbil, follow these pointers.
Gerbils are sold in most pet stores and are inexpensive.
In order to have a gerbil, you will need to get some things for your gerbil in order for the gerbil to survive.
First off, get a ten gallon fish tank with a lid. Then you get wood shavings to cover the floor. Since gerbils are extremely hyper, you will need to get an exercise wheel so they can run on that. Now, get the food. Gerbils feast on pellets and they love sunflower seeds. So put in a good supply of both.
You have to get a water spout for the gerbil for need to drink the water. Ask your friendly pet store sales person to get you one.
Now that you are all done getting the gerbil's needs, take the gerbil or gerbils home. Male gerbils fight, while female gerbils can get along with out fighting.
Put in the wood shavings on the bottom of the fish tank. Then put in the water spout. Before you do this, put in water up to the top of the water spout. Attach it to the tank.
Then put in the exercise wheel. Take a tiny dish for the food and you are all set.
Clean the cage once a week. Best bet, put in a shoe box full of holes on the wood shavings. Put the gerbils in the shoe box. Close the lid so they won't escape. Clean out the tank and put in fresh wood shavings. Do NOT use a sponge with soap on it. The gerbils will die.
Do not put the gerbil's tank by a heater WHICH CAN BE FATAL!. Put the gerbil's tank in a place that is room temperature.
When you are done with the cleaning, put back the water spout, the food dish. Fill  it up with their food. Put in the exercise wheel and finally, the gerbils! Just put the shoe box in the tank, let them out and immediately put the lid on. Feed the gerbil or gerbils once  per day.
Always pick up the gerbil by the base of the tail. And always keep the lid on the tank. If you don't, your gerbils will hop out and you will go on a wild goose chase trying to get them and put them back in the tank.
And you have made some new little friends!

How To Give Yourself The Perfect Facial

Alright gals, it's time to make your skin look soft, lovely and radiant. And you can do this in these four steps.
 What you will need
A very clean large bowl. A mud masque and or plain yogurt. Mineral water in a spritzer bottle. Your cleanser.
Alright gals, here we go!
First, you take the large pan and boil it. When the pan comes to a boil, take it off the stove (Wear your oven mitts) And put it on the table. Go get a towel and put your face into the bowl and put your towel over your head. The towel should cover the whole bowl. For better results, use green tea.
Only steam your face for one minute. Steaming opens your pores and cleans out unwanted dirt and soil.
When you are done with steaming, let your face dry, then get your mud mask. A mud mask, tightens your face and takes the edge off of tiny wrinkles.  Spread it evenly all over your face. Wait for it to dry completely. When the mask is dry, remove it with a warm wash cloth. Then rinse in cold water to tighten pores. If you prefer a plain yogurt mask, spread it sparingly on your face and let dry. Plain yogurt tightens your skin, giving it a youth boost. Use it every day for best results. Now you are ready to cleanse your face. Cleanse like you always do then rinse in cool water, Use astringent to dig deep into your skin to get rid of the residue that soap and water leave behind.
Wait for your face to dry completely.
Then get the mineral water. Mineral water wakes your skin up. Spray it all over your face.
Then you're finished!
You go girl!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Want A Pet? Get A Red Ear Slider Turtle

Red ear slider turtles got  their name because they have red ears. They live on land and in water. Male turtles have long claws, female turtles have short claws.
If you want a red ear slider turtle, follow these tips.
Red ear slider turtles can be found in most pet stores.
Just go to a pet store and get one.
You will need certain things in order for the turtle to survive.
First, you will need a twenty gallon tank. It is bulky so have a friend help you. Next, you will need anti chlorine drops to put in the water so that the turtle will survive.
For food, get guppies, gold fish or pellets. And finally, your turtle will need something to sit on. A large Tupperware dish turned upside down will be OK. Or three bricks will do.
When you take the turtle home, instantly fill the tank with water. Put in the anti chlorine drops.
Put in the Tupperware  dish. And finally, put the turtle in there.
A turtle's tank will be needed to clean every day. Get a bucket. Fill it with water and put in the anti chlorine drops in the bucket. Put the turtle in it.  The turtle will hiss, but doesn't bite. Take the tank and either scoop all of the water or empty the water in the bath tub.
When the tank is clean, add water. The water should be one quarter of water in the tank. The water  should be room temperature.
Put in the anti chlorine drops and put in the tupperware bowl, upside down so the turtle can sit on it. You will need to clean out the tank every day. Always wash your hands after handling a turtle.
And there you have it. A new little buddy!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Danger: Rats

Yes indeedy, rats are very dangerous and to most people very scary.
Rats bite and leave several types of diseases on their victim.
But there are ways on how to get rid of them and how not to get rid of them.
Do not use poison to kill rats. What happens is when they die, they will crawl in a crack and smell.
Do not use rat traps. The rat is likely to bite you when you lift it up.
Instead, get an exterminator. They will remove the rats from your home and put them in a cage so your home is rat free.
Just keep your place clean, do not leave food out and empty your garbage on a regular basis.
Hopefully, the rats will never intrude again.

What you Should Do During A Home Invasion

It is night time and you are trying to sleep.
All of a sudden, you hear a crashing noise downstairs.
You feel scared.
Then, you hear somebody come up the stairs.
A man enters your room. You scream................
First off, never scream when there is a stranger in your place. Just pretend to  be asleep.
In case this person wants to attack you, have a can of mace by your night stand at all times. You can also have  in a plant sprayer hazardous chemicals like  bleach, ammonia, 409, limeaway.
Spray it in the offenders face if he or she  tries to attack you.
Call the police.
Your best bet is  to pretend to be asleep and call the police when the offender is gone.
Secretly open your eyes so you can get a good description or him or her, so that you can describe how  they look to the  police.
With these tips, you should be safe.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

How To Put On Makeup Without Looking Like A Clown

Some  women just don't know  how to put on makeup. Un blended blush, too much face powder, foundation that is not blended in properly, eye shadow three inches thick, winged eye liner.
Well, I will show you pointers on how to put on make  up the right way, and you will look great.
First off is foundation. Now, the proper way to put on foundation, is to get some wet foundation sponges ( You can get these at any drug store,) Q tips and  foundation that is just right for your skin tone. Dampen your foundation sponge. Dip the q tip into the foundation and dot it on your nose, cheeks and forehead. with the damp sponge, glide it on your face in down ward strokes. Wait five minutes for it to dry and set. Skip the powder and put on blush. Sweep the blush under your cheek bone. Blend it in until it looks transparent.
Now it is time for eyeshadow. Glide a small amount on lids and blend, blend blend until it looks transparent like your blush. That is the correct way to put on eyeshadow.
Mascara time. Put on two coats during the day, and three coats at night. For a dramatic look, use black. For a natural look, brown. Sweep the mascara on the lashes going from the base to the tips. When you are done with that, wiggle the mascara on the tips of your upper and lower lashes and your lashes will look longer.
And finally, there  is the eyeliner. Draw a line on your upper and lower lid. Blend. You can use either liquid liner or a pencil liner. If you use a pencil liner, make sure you blend it in. You don't want to look cheap.
And there you have it, gals a well made face. Now show it off.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Living In the Ghetto

Once upon a time, I lived in the ghetto on welfare. Prior to that, I worked as a secretary in a small law firm in down town Chicago. I made $2.000 dollars a month.
Then one dark dismal day when you can easily get depressed, my boss summoned me into his office. He closed the door.
He looked at me straight in the eye and said," Lonnie, I'm afraid I am going to have to let you go. There are not enough clients right now. I will give you a note for unemployment." "Don't bother." I said, in a cold tone of voice. "I can get a job with a snap of a finger." So I cleaned out my desk and felt betrayed. I liked my boss.
Job hunting was much harder than I thought it would be. It seemed that nobody wanted to hire me. The economy was dense and I was running amply out of money. Oh why couldn't I have accepted un employment?
I had no choice but to go on welfare.
So one snowy day, I walked into the welfare office. An ugly nasty looking beast sat down at the table in across from me and asked me a bunch of questions such as, "Do you have any cash on hand?" "No." I said. She asked me more questions such as," Do you have any assets?" "No." I replied. "Do you have any stocks or bonds?" "No." I said. When was this going to end? Then, the beast said, "You will get your first check today. Just sit over there, and your name will be called."
I waited and waited. When will my name be called? I thought. I was anxious. Finally, my name was called. I went up to the front window and my check was handed to me. $340 dollars. How was I going to live?
I had to find an apartment that met my means. So I got this hot little dinger in my mind to find an apartment agency and have them find me an apartment for $200.00,
So I found an apartment finding agency in the phone book and I walked into the agency. A handsome man with tanned skin and swimming color blue eyes and curly black hair looked up at me and smiled. "What can I do for you young lady?"
"I'm looking for an apartment for $200.00." I said. "That will be hard to find, but we can work at it." He said, smoothly.
So he drove me around and together, we checked out apartments. But none of them were in my price range. Finally, we went to a run down neighbor hood. The apartment buildings looked derelict. There was a street brawl of men on the corner. Crack heads were smoking crack on the sidewalks. . Gang members were every where. I could hear shootings not to far from me. The streets looked old and dirty. It was the ghetto. And it was utterly disgusting. "Can't you find anything else?" I panicky asked the apartment finding clerk. "This is the only apartment for $200.00." He said, matter of factly............
And from there I suffered. I noticed how the neighborhood looked even more. Broken glass was every where. I saw a man get arrested. Then, he got hand cuffed and got put into a squad car. I saw an abandoned building and people were on the window sill, laughing, cussing and shouting.
Little boys would beat up on me for my money. I got mugged three times at gun point. Was I shocked and scared? You betcha. I kept on hearing store alarm bells. They all had broken glass, Obviously, they were broken into. Street lamps would be knocked over. Shootings would happen every day and night. Winos would sit on the side walks drinking booze out of paper bags. They would always give me cat calls and whistles. This happened every time I walked by them.
 Not only was the neighborhood trash, but my seedy apartment building was just as bad.
There were  a lot of bad tenants living there. People would smoke crack and crystal meth in the hallway. Men would bang on my door at two in the morning asking for money and smokes. Men and women would run up and down the hallway screaming completely stoned on drugs.  Women would get beat up inside and out on the streets. I was one of them. My apartment was infested with roaches. Even though I fogged the apartment often,  my uninvited critters would come back and have a party! And I kept my apartment clean and spotless. Why me? The water pressure was bad. I couldn't get the shampoo out of my hair properly. I had a bad hair day every day.
I finally found a job as a secretary. I moved to a nice neighborhood. I lived in a nice apartment. My ghetto days were gone. Thank God!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Horrors Of The Robert Taylor Homes

Yes indeed, the Robert Taylor Homes are one of the most violent and the worst housing projects in the US ofA. They are located on the South side of Chicago, Illinois.
On the fifth and ninth floor there are drug houses and the elevators are only used for drug runs. Ordinary residents have to take the stairs even if they have to walk to the 30th floor!
There are drive by shootings, cross fire shootings and lots and lots of sniper shootings that have killed hundreds of residents and Police officers.
People have to sleep on the floor or in their bath tub, simply because sniper shooters like to shoot at the windows of the projects.
Here are some comments that the  residents had to address.
"I got evicted from my apartment." Says a woman who has three children. "The rent was $500 a month. My welfare check was $650.00. I chose to live here because the rent is so cheap. But it is so bad, that me and my kids have to stay in our place all the time."
"I moved here so that I can have nice things." An old woman stated. "But my TV and my stereo got stolen. And I am afraid to got outside because of the shots."
"Me and my kids live on the twenty ninth floor. And let me tell you it is hell trying to climb up all of those stairs." A mother of two said.
"What do I think of this housing project?" A man stated. "If I wasn't on welfare I would move out of this hellish place right now."
The Robert Taylor Homes are no picnic. It is sad the way people have to live there.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wino Beats Up Middle School Boy

Early this morning, there was a wino in the park, drinking rot gut out of a paper bag.
All of a sudden, a boy who looked like he was thirteen years old, approached the wino and shouted, "I hate winos!" And started to beat up the wino. The wino grabbed the kid and kicked him in the groin. And the boy crouched down in pain. But that wasn't enough for the wino. While the boy was still on the ground he kicked the boy several times and then he gave the boy a final blow in the head.
An ambulance and the Police were called. The injured boy was rushed to the hospital with a concusion and broken ribs and the wino got arrested and got taken to the county jail.
Here are some things that by standers had to say.
"That kid had a lot of nerve." A man said. He continued. "That homeless man had every right to beat up on that kid."
"I saw the whole thing." A woman around sixty years of age said. "It was wrong of that boy to strike out at that homeless man the way he did. That man is a person too."
"Kudos for the man." A young man said. "He struck out at the kid. I never saw anything like it."
" I think that it was wrong for the Police to arrest that man. He was just sticking up for himself." A young girl said.
Strange things like what happened in this matter happen every day.

Woman Found Dead From Over Eating

Tracy Ryan was found dead in her home this morning by a shocked neighbor.
"There was food every where. There were empty boxes of cookies, ice cream, snack cakes, empty jars of peanut butter and boxes of candy." The neighbor stated.
"Often she would knock on my door to ask me to help her put her food in her house. Her house was filthy." The neighbor continued. " It looked like it hasn't been cleaned for years. And Tracy was so obese. I just felt so sorry for her."
"And when she didn't come out of her home for ten days, I assumed that something was up, so I went to her house. The door was open. I went inside and I found her lying on the floor dead. And that smell." The neighbor said as she curled her lip. "I called an ambulance right away." She continued to say.
Here are some things about Ryan that some other people had to say.
"I just felt so sorry for her." One neighbor said. She was dressed in a terry cloth robe and she had curlers in her her hair.
"She was fat and lazy." A man stated." "I would see her with boxes of food all the time. Every time that I saw her, she had tons of food." He continued to say.
" She was the talk of the neighborhood." A pretty blonde girl stated with dagger claw fingernails. "Either people would talk about her out of pity or make fun of her." She said.
" I hated her." One young man stated. "She would bring home all this food. That's the only time I saw her. And she was so fat. She was as fat as an ox."
"People didn't like her."  A woman with long black hair and blue eyes said. "She didn't seem to be very nice."
Ryan was put in the ambulance and whisked away, leaving behind her neighbors and nobody else.

Friday, April 12, 2013

In Order To Stay Alive I Had To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

When I was thirteen years old, all the popular kids in my school were smoking ciggs. In order to fit in my middle school was to smoke. I wasn't popular at all, but I so much wanted to mingle with the popular kids. So I went to a cigarette machine and bought my first pack of cigaretts. I bought a lighter and lit up. I took my first drag and blew it out of my mouth. Back then, I didn't enhale.
Over the years, I was a regular smoker. I used to smoke camels. I smoked for thirty years. I just loved to smoke. I felt powerful and relaxed. I always had a pack of smokes on me. When I didn't have a pack, I would bum smokes off of other people.
By the time I was thirty, I was up to three packs a day.
I would chain smoke like crazy.
Then, one night when I was 45-years-old, I woke up and started coughing and  wheezing. I had trouble breathing. I coughed for an hour. This happened every night for about a week. It was then the time had come to quit smoking. So I threw my smokes in the trash and never smoked again. Let me tell you, that I went through hell trying to quit. I gained 40 pounds and I was always craving cigarettes. I would chew massive amounts of bubble gum. I would eat raw veggies and eat big meals. It was hell, let me tell you. But it was either smokes or my life. I chose to live.
Today, I haven't had a cigarette in two years and I feel great!
Going cold turkey was the right thing to do.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family Vacation From Hell New York City

It all happened in August in '78. My father got this hot little dinger in his mind to vacation in New York for five days. What a surprise. Not a surprise.
When we got there, no we did not stay in a posh hotel. We wound up staying in a two room dump with roaches in the tiny kitchen. It was too bad that my parents couldn't find us a fancy hotel.
And then there was the streets as well as the many excitement of adventures that we had (not.)
For starters, there were men from other countries selling hot pretzels and Italian ices.
One time, us kids which consisted of me, my little sister and brother all had a craving in the worst way for some Italian ices. So we went to a man who was selling hot pretzels, with our tasty treat on our minds. My mother asked the vender, "We want some ices please." The man looked at my mother and he looked as though he couldn't understand her. He showed her a hot pretzle. "Come on kids." My mother said as she led us away.
I remember that the streets were all made of bricks.
And as mentioned above, there were some very amusing adventures (not,) that myself and the family had.
Exibit one. Myself, my father and sister went to the Bronx zoo. And my brother got slapped around in the boys bathroom by some rough street boys.
Exibit 2. One day, I wore a tight shirt with no bra. We went through central park and all the men were staring at my chest. My mother was furious. When we got home, my sister said to everybody, "There was a time my sister didn't wear a bra when we went to New York. And all the men were staring at her breasts. Not boys, MEN!"
Exibit 3. We went to a Yankees game. After the game, we took the subway in which was infested with graffti and there was a woman who was trying to get on. Well, a man who was getting off the train, pushed the woman out. She slapped him across the face. That woman sure had the NYC soul inside her.
Exibit 4. We all went to China Town for dinner. On our way back, I was a few feet ahead from the rest of my family. A man turned around and stared at me. My father called out to me. He told me what happened. Maybe the man was trying to sell me, maybe he wanted me to be a sex slave, heck I don't know.
Exibit 5. We were all standing on the curb and a man was there  driving a  mustang.  He was sitting behind the wheel,  taking his time, showing off. My mother kicked the car. The man was furious as he cussed out our mother.
Exibit 6. When we were on our way home, we went by Harlem. It made me sick to see all those slums with wash hanging out the windows. I swear it almost made me vomit.
Well, to sum all this up, that was the worst family vacation that we ever had. But in my family's minds, it had it's own moments.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Your Child Is The Target Of The School Bully What Should You Do? ( Article)

Your son Johnny comes home from school with a black eye. You are horrified. You ask, "Johnny, what happened to your eye?" "I fell into my locker." He said sullenly. "I don't believe you. What happened?" You ask. You are very worried. "I got punched in the eye. Now will leave me alone?" Johnny said defensely as he went to his room.
Johnny is the target of the school bully. There are things that you can do to stop this. Here are some of them.
Sue the bully's parents. This way his parents will realize how serious this is.
Sue the school. There is no need for children to tolerate bullying.
Tell the school principal. Try to let him or her know what the bully or bullies are doing to your child.
Drive your child to school every chance you can get. School bullying often happens on the school bus.
Tell the bully's parents. This may help.
With these tips, you can't go wrong.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Was A Little Bad Ass

When I was five years old, indeed, I was a little bad ass. In fact by the time you finish reading this content, you will know how much of a bad ass I really was.
On a routine basis, me and my little friends, all boys, would break windows with rocks. We really got off on that! We would also go to the construction yard and try to start up the bulldozer, crane and dump truck. We never got them to work, but we were having the time of our lives trying to do it.
One time in church, my mother told me that she was going to give me a missle. I thought that a missle was some kind of new whistle. "I'll blow on it." I said. "You blow on it, I'm going to take it away from you." My mother said.
One  time, my sister and I turned on the garden hose and we sprayed the inside of our house. The carpet, walls and couch were drenched. Our parents were furious. They said that they will give us our spankings tomorrow, but that never happened.
One time, I threw a kid's bike in the swimming pool, simply because I didn't like him.
And being five years old, I used to beat up on other kids my age. One time, I hit some five year old kid with a chain. Another time, I marked a kid's bike handles with a ball point pen.
Another time, I hit a kid with a stick. And as mentioned above, I would beat up kids my age. And this was often.
I look back on these days and I laugh. What a ruthless five year old I was!

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