Saturday, October 12, 2013

Want a pet? Get A Gerbil

Gerbils are rodents that live in the desert. Unlike mice or rats, coming from the kangaroo family, they stand on their hind legs and hop. Gerbils are hyper active but so adorable to have as pets.
If you want a gerbil, follow these pointers.
Gerbils are sold in most pet stores and are inexpensive.
In order to have a gerbil, you will need to get some things for your gerbil in order for the gerbil to survive.
First off, get a ten gallon fish tank with a lid. Then you get wood shavings to cover the floor. Since gerbils are extremely hyper, you will need to get an exercise wheel so they can run on that. Now, get the food. Gerbils feast on pellets and they love sunflower seeds. So put in a good supply of both.
You have to get a water spout for the gerbil for need to drink the water. Ask your friendly pet store sales person to get you one.
Now that you are all done getting the gerbil's needs, take the gerbil or gerbils home. Male gerbils fight, while female gerbils can get along with out fighting.
Put in the wood shavings on the bottom of the fish tank. Then put in the water spout. Before you do this, put in water up to the top of the water spout. Attach it to the tank.
Then put in the exercise wheel. Take a tiny dish for the food and you are all set.
Clean the cage once a week. Best bet, put in a shoe box full of holes on the wood shavings. Put the gerbils in the shoe box. Close the lid so they won't escape. Clean out the tank and put in fresh wood shavings. Do NOT use a sponge with soap on it. The gerbils will die.
Do not put the gerbil's tank by a heater WHICH CAN BE FATAL!. Put the gerbil's tank in a place that is room temperature.
When you are done with the cleaning, put back the water spout, the food dish. Fill  it up with their food. Put in the exercise wheel and finally, the gerbils! Just put the shoe box in the tank, let them out and immediately put the lid on. Feed the gerbil or gerbils once  per day.
Always pick up the gerbil by the base of the tail. And always keep the lid on the tank. If you don't, your gerbils will hop out and you will go on a wild goose chase trying to get them and put them back in the tank.
And you have made some new little friends!

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