Monday, October 28, 2013

Young Girl Gets Put In The Hospital For Threats Of Suicide (Fiction News)

Laurie Blum was an awkward thirteen year old girl who had a lot of problems.
She was not pretty. She was a  toad in a basket of kittens. She  wore old fashioned clothes and never said  anything much of the time.
Laurie kept to herself and she didn't have any friends.
One day in October, Laurie passed out a piece of paper on a clip board stating, 'Should I kill myself or not?'
If the majority of the school wrote, "Yes," Laurie was going to kill herself on Halloween night.
A concerned teacher  called Laurie's parents and told them the situation.
Laurie was put in a psychiatric hospital by her uptight parents.
Here  are what some of her class mates had to say.
"She was so disgusting." A pretty blond girl stated. " She smelled, she picked her nose. Nobody wanted to be around her." The girl went on.
"I hated her." A boy stated. "She was pathetic. She  didn't belong in school the retard."
"I felt so sorry for her." A dark haired girl stated. "She was so weird. She would talk to herself."
Her parents stated, "Our daughter had problems, but we never knew that it would lead to this." Her father said.
"We tried to get her to make friends and to make something of herself in school, but it was a no go." Her  mother said.
Laurie is going to be in the hospital for a long time. Her Doctor says that Laurie is "Making little progress. She will be here for a while."

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