Thursday, October 31, 2013

High School Girl Puts Nair In Classmate's Shampoo (Fiction News)

Lisa Rucker was taking a shower after gym class. She washed her hair like a mad woman.
All of a sudden, Lisa screamed and came running out of the shower into the locker room, screaming.
"She claimed that her hair was falling out in clumps." A student said.
The gym teacher by the name of Mrs. Roth, walked in the locker room and demanded what was going on.
"My hair is falling out in clumps!" Lisa howled.
"How did that happen?" Asked Mrs. Roth.
"I was washing my hair and clumps of hair fell out. I'm going bald!" Lisa started to cry. Mrs. Roth
 left the locker room and came back with a bottle of Lisa's shampoo.
"This shampoo smells like Nair." Remarked Mrs. Roth.
"Who did it!" Shouted Mrs. Roth.
"Who put Nair in Lisa's shampoo? Nobody is going anywhere until I find out." Mrs. Roth Said.
So the girls in the class waited, expecting somebody to confess the horrific prank.
The tardy bell rang. "Nobody is going anywhere until I find out." Said Mrs. Roth.
The girls were getting impatient as  they sighed and looked at their watches.
"We all were pissed off. We had to wait and find out who did it. It was very annoying." A pretty red head remarked.
Finally, a small girl in overalls with short blond hair and average looking blue eyes came forward. "I- I_ did it." She stuttered. Her name was Lee Farnsworth.
"OK everybody can go now. Except for you Lee." Mrs. Roth gave Lee a look of contempt.
"Thank you for making me miss my final class." A pretty blond girl remarked as she shoved Lee into a locker.
After all the girls left the locker room, Mrs. Roth asked, "why did you do this?"
"It's a long story." Lee said.
"Well why don't we go to the Principal's office and you can tell your long story to him." Mrs. Roth said, caustically.
They both walked to the Principal's office and Mrs. Roth stated to the Principal, Mr. Lawson about what Lee had done.
Mr. Lawson and Mrs. Roth listened as Lee tearfully told her story as to why she put Nair in Lisa Rucker's shampoo.
"She claimed that Lisa's ex boyfriend was interested in Lee and Lisa still had feelings for him. And every day, Lisa would taunt, abuse and harass Lee." Mrs. Roth said.
"I did it to get back at her." Lee said through tears.
Lee got suspended from School for two days. Lisa  now wears a wig.

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