Monday, October 14, 2013

The Japanese Dolls (Short Mini Story For Little Children)

They were two little Japanese dolls seven inches tall, standing solemnly on their Mistress's dresser. One of the dolls was dressed in a dark blue silk kimono with black glass eyes and real jet black hair put up in a geisha hairstyle. Her face was made of plaster. In her left hand, she was carrying a paper fan. She was standing on a wooden block.. Her name was Kimi.
The other doll was dressed in a  light blue silk kimono and she too had black glass eyes. Her hair was real and was also put up in a geisha hairstyle. Her face was made of plaster. In her hand she was carrying a paper umbrella. She also was standing on a wooden block. Her name was Noko.
"I wish our mistress Karen would play with us." Kimi said as she fanned herself. Dolls can talk and move. But you can't see or hear them.
"I don't see why she doesn't." Noko said, wistfully.
"She is always staring at us, but she never has the time to play with us." Kimi said, sadly.
"I am getting tired of standing." Noko said.
"So am I." Kimi said as she fanned herself.
"There must be a purpose for us." Kimi said.
"But what is it?" Asked Noko.
"I don't know." Said Kimi, sadly.
"There  has to be a  reason." Said Noko.
"There seems to be no reason. we just stand here." Said Kimi.
All of a sudden, their mistress named Karen walked into the  room.
Karen was six years old. She was short and thin. She had light brown hair and sea green eyes. She stopped and stared at the dolls for a minute, then, she opened the dresser drawer and got out a pair of socks.
She put  them, followed by a pair of shoes, then quietly left the room.
"See, all she does is  look at us." Kimi said.
"I know." Said Noko.
Then, Karen came back into the  room with a friend. Karen's friend was short and pudgy. She had red hair and freckles and brown eyes. She stopped and stared  at the dolls.
"Oh what pretty dolls." She said. She ran a fat freckled finger down Noko's silk kimono.
"My father got them when he was in Japan." Karen said.
"Can we Play with them?" Asked Karen's friend.
"No. They are to be looked at and admired." Karen said.
The two dolls looked at each other.
"Looked at and admired! That is our purpose!" Noko said. She was  excited.
And it was.

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