Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guidelines On How To Take Care Of Your Gerbil

If you have gerbils and you need some advice on how to take care of them, read on. I will give you some pointers on how to take care of him or her.
Gerbils are cute little rodents that hop like kangaroos. That is because they come from the kangaroo family.
Always keep the lid on the cage. Gerbils are extremely hyper active and without the lid on, they will jump out of the cage and you will wind up having a wild goose chase trying to get your gerbil. So always keep the lid on the cage OK?
Feed your gerbil pellets or sunflower seeds. Gerbils LOVE sunflower seeds so put in a good supply. You can get sunflower seeds at your local pet store. Or try to get them at the store.
Clean their cage once a week. Put the gerbil/gerbils in a shoe box full of holes. Put them on the ground of the cage. Pick up your gerbils by the base of the tail and put them in the box. As quickly as possible close the lid and lift the box out of the cage.
Dump the old wooden shavings in the garbage and fill the bottom of the cage with new wood shavings. you must remove the exercise wheel, and any food and the water bottle to do this.
Put back the water bottle and the exercise wheel. Get the shoebox and put it on  the floor of the cage and open the lid of the box. The gerbils will hop out of the shoebox and into the cage. Whisk the shoebox out of the cage and quickly close the lid. Do this fast so you won't have to go on a wild goose chase. Make sure that their water bottle is filled on a daily basis.
Put sunflower seeds in their tiny dish once a day. Give them a lot and they will be happy.
Always keep the cage away from heat. The gerbils could die, so make sure you put them in a place that is room temperature.
If you get two male gerbils, they are likely to fight. So if you don't want that, get two female gerbils.
Play with your gerbil/gerbils. At the pet store, they have little round balls for your little pets to get into and take a joy ride!
And that's it! You can now take care of your new friend/friends!

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