Monday, October 28, 2013

Bullied Teen Commits Suicide (Fiction News)

Randy Clark was found hanging on his bicycle chain in the garage by his devastated parents.
Randy was a quiet, boy who kept to himself. He loved to ride his bike and he loved to read. He also loved computers.
Randy generally got good grades in school however,  he only had one friend.
Randy left a note on the family car. It read,

Dear mom and dad.

I decided to kill myself, because a bunch of boys keep harassing me.
They make fun of me, they beat me up, they call me names.
This happens every day. Being dead is the only way out.
I didn't want it to happen this way, but these boys keep on picking on me and they call me names like "gay," and "faggot."
This is my only way out.
I never wanted it to happen this way, but I just couldn't take it any more. I just have to move on.
Mom and dad, you can have my stereo, my computer and all of my CDs.
Just remember mom and dad, I love you both, and I will see  you here in heaven.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark, tracked down the parents of the boys that picked on Randy, causing him to commit suicide and they are filing lawsuits against the parents of the boys who hurt Randy.
Mrs Clark told the police in tears that Randy was "Such a wonderful boy who was patient, considerate of others and obedient. He was my little angel. I love him so much and now he is gone. He never told me about the boys that picked on him. This is just horrid, losing our son and all."
Mr. Clark said to the police in tears," We found the parents of the boys who did this to our son and we are filing lawsuits. Randy was a good kid who never deserved such trauma."
Randy's funeral services  will be held next week.

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