Sunday, October 27, 2013

I don't Feel 48 I Feel Great!

Yes, middle age has hit me in the face and it does to everybody who lives that long. Most people think I'm going crackers for liking being middle aged but I love it.
You see, my youth was  a curse. Full of child abuse and scapegoat clear through high school. People used to call me ugly on the streets.
I used to feel really bad all the time and I felt a lot of pain when I was young.
I especially felt bad when I was 25. Nothing was going right.
I had a job a stressful job at that as a Law Clerk and I was constantly under pressure.
Everybody was rude to me and they thought me to be ugly People on the street constantly said that I was ugly. I had acne all over my face and I was shockingly thin.
I was always strapped for cash and I lived in a one room apartment with zillions of cockroaches.
I had very few friends.
I was  in despair that nothing good would happen to me.
I would go to bars to have drinks and even the Bartenders said, "What was that?"
I suffered all through my twenties, thirties and up until I was 45.
Things got better after I was 45. I no longer care about how I look as long as I am neat and clean and presentable.
I no longer care what people think of me,
I have a loving husband and two loving kitties. But most of all, I have myself. I have a few friends and I no longer feel bad. In fact I feel good.
I just love being middle aged. I am wiser, stronger and I know a lot.
So If you don't agree with me, I will stick out my tongue at you.

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