Monday, October 21, 2013

Guidelines On How To Care For Your Red Ear Slider Turtle

Taking care is easy. You only have to make it happy and to love you.
Here are some pointers on how to care for your turtle.
Always fill the tank with room temperature water.
Never put hot water in the tank. The turtle will die.
Always put in anti chlorine drops in the tank. Or else the turtle will die.
Feed your turtle only a few pellets or gold fish or guppies. Red ear slider turtles eat like pigs, so give them a small amount.
Clean the tank every day. Put your turtle in a bucket and add some anti chlorine drops. The bucket should be filled with room temperature water. Take the fish tank and either scoop out the water and wipe the bottom with a paper towel or empty the tank out in the bath tub.
Fill the tank one quarter of the way. put in the anti chlorine drops and put the turtle in. Put something to sit on in there too like a couple of bricks or a large Tupperware bowl turned upside down.
Always wash your hands after handling a turtle.
If you fill the tank with cold water the turtle will hibernate.
Give your turtle some vitamins for turtles. It may make them hyper and they will climb out of their tank, but isn't it worth it to have a healthy turtle?
Red ear slider turtles may hiss,but they don't bite.
Good luck with your little friend!

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