Saturday, October 19, 2013

Invasion Of The Carpenter Ants

Once upon a time, back in the seventies, my little brother was having his seventh birthday party.
He invited  a lot of his friends over for hot dogs and birthday cake. He opened his presents before lunch, which was about to turn into a disaster.
Everything at his birthday lunch went smoothly and pleasant when all of a sudden, hundreds of carpenter ants came into a crack in the kitchen window  from out side. They must have smelled the hot dogs.
They were all over the kitchen. I screamed out of disbelief and horror. My little sister was just standing there not knowing what to do. My mother went into the fridge to get the birthday cake and put it it on the dining room table where my little brother and all of his friends were seated.
Well, the little critters went into the cake! What a bother that was! Mom had to throw it out and my brother's friends went home.
This happened in 1977. And I will  always remember  it.

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