Sunday, October 13, 2013

Want a pet? Get a Kitten

Aw so cute. Baby kittens. Every  time you see one let it be live or on TV, you want to hold them and cuddle with them. Right?
Well let it all come true.
To get a kitten, go to a local pet store or an animal shelter. Make sure you have a cat carrier before hand. All pet stores have one.
Pick out the kitten you want.
You will need a litter box, a bowl for food and a bowl for water. You will also need cat litter sold in all local stores or the pet store.
Now you are ready to take the kitten home.
Let the kitten go free. Have him or her explore your home. Put down the litter box and fill it up  with cat litter. Fill the bowl with kitten chow brand cat food. Put down a bowl full of water. You can also feed the kitten with soft cat food.
Change the cat litter every other day. Make sure that the kitten chow is filled 247. Give your kitten fresh water three times per day.
Kittens like to play. They also like to chew on things such as plastic, cords and leather.
There is a spray which smells awful to kittens and cats. You can buy it in the pet store.
Spray it on cords, leather. Kittens also like to scratch on furniture so spray the cat repellent on your furniture too.  To humans this spray smells like apples, but  to kittens and cats, it smells disgusting.
Kittens like cats are independent. They may need to be potty trained but other than that they take care of themselves.
Play with your kitten. Buy some cat toys.
Cuddle and hold your kitten. Love him or her up. Kittens are adorable and so much fun to play with and so soothing to hold and cuddle!
When the kitten is six months old, he or she will go into heat. Male cats spray substance to mark their territory. Female cats cry constantly. If you want to get your cat fixed, take him or her to the vet and have them fixed. It is your choice.
Make sure that they get their shots by the vet once a year.
Clip his or her nails every week, when their claws look like fish hooks.
Kittens don't need to be washed a whole lot but bathe them frequently with cat shampoo. Now cats and kittens hate water, but you have to wash them. They may put up a struggle, but bear with it. But isn't it worth it to have a clean, shiny fur cat? Of course  it is.
And you made a new friend!

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