Saturday, October 12, 2013

How To Give Yourself The Perfect Facial

Alright gals, it's time to make your skin look soft, lovely and radiant. And you can do this in these four steps.
 What you will need
A very clean large bowl. A mud masque and or plain yogurt. Mineral water in a spritzer bottle. Your cleanser.
Alright gals, here we go!
First, you take the large pan and boil it. When the pan comes to a boil, take it off the stove (Wear your oven mitts) And put it on the table. Go get a towel and put your face into the bowl and put your towel over your head. The towel should cover the whole bowl. For better results, use green tea.
Only steam your face for one minute. Steaming opens your pores and cleans out unwanted dirt and soil.
When you are done with steaming, let your face dry, then get your mud mask. A mud mask, tightens your face and takes the edge off of tiny wrinkles.  Spread it evenly all over your face. Wait for it to dry completely. When the mask is dry, remove it with a warm wash cloth. Then rinse in cold water to tighten pores. If you prefer a plain yogurt mask, spread it sparingly on your face and let dry. Plain yogurt tightens your skin, giving it a youth boost. Use it every day for best results. Now you are ready to cleanse your face. Cleanse like you always do then rinse in cool water, Use astringent to dig deep into your skin to get rid of the residue that soap and water leave behind.
Wait for your face to dry completely.
Then get the mineral water. Mineral water wakes your skin up. Spray it all over your face.
Then you're finished!
You go girl!

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