Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lynda Howard The Legend

Triond is a writing website where you can write and publish your content. And deep in the heart of Triond are the forums. The forums is a place  where Triond writers (Trionders,) Go to discuss different topics.
One balmy day in July, a middle aged woman by the name of Lynda Howard joined the magical mystical nation of Triond.
Not too long after she was there, she was in the forums one night claiming that she had a heart attack. Two people told her to call 911.
Lynda e mailed me a message the following day, claiming that she had two more heart attacks and that she almost died. "They're keeping me an eye on me." Lynda said.
And  back in the forums she was talking to others about her three notorious heart attacks.
Two people didn't believe her and started to give her flack about it.
"Three heart attacks?? Nobody can survive after three heart attacks." Somebody said.
After that evening, people turned  on Lynda. And Lynda acted very strange.
She was calling all the women "Dudes," And she told people to "Walk the plank." And to "Pluck your feathers." and, "Braid your butt hairs."
Everybody in the forums picked on Lynda and called her names. It wasn't just a few people, it was EVERYBODY in the forums that picked on her.
The teasing got so bad, that I sent her an e mail stating that she should stay out of the forums. I indicated that she was every body's scape goat.
But Lynda kept going into the forums and took the teasing and abuse very well.
Finally, one day, she put up a post stating, "I'm leaving my husband. Safety reasons."
She  mentioned that her husband hit one of her kids and that she was leaving  Triond. And she did.
Lynda stayes in Trionders minds to this very day and in some ways, she was  my friend.

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