Monday, October 28, 2013

Young Child Found Dead In Junkyard (Fiction News)

Maddie Willis was doing laundry, when her six year old daughter asked  her mother if she could  play outside.
Maddie said yes and  on Shelia, Maddie's daughter went out with the dog, Benji.
As Maddie was ironing the clothes, that were freshly washed, it seemed like Shelia had  been gone for a long time.
Maddie started to get worried. Then, she got panicky. 'My daughter is missing.' She thought.
So Maddie turned off the  iron and  attempted to look for her missing daughter.
So on she went, outside  calling over and over again, "Shelia, Shelia!"
But Shelia was nowhere in sight.
Then, she heard a dog barking in the distance. Maddie went closer and closer to the barking dog. The bark sounded like Benji's bark.
She followed that  bark to the  junkyard. Benji was there, barking and  barking around a refrigerator. Maddie panicked as she opened the  refrigerator door.
There  was Shelia and she was dead.
Maddie started screaming, "No! no! no!"
Maddie  went back to the house and called 911. An Operator answered.
Maddie said hysterically, "Help! My daughter is  dead! Please send out the Police  and an ambulance right away!" Maddie said as  she dropped the phone.  She picked it up and gave out her address and  hung up.
Within minutes, the police and an ambulance came to Maddie's home.
The  Police asked Maddie a  lot of questions. Maddie answered them in tears.
Shelia  was rushed to the Morgue.
Maddie sold the house and  moved to a different state. She wanted to be as far away as possible from the tragic incident.
Benji was put in an animal shelter.

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