Saturday, October 19, 2013

How To Successfully Find Your Own Apartment

So it's time to move right? And you have to look for another apartment.
Well I will show you some pointers on how you can successfully find your own apartment without a problem.
 Look in the  news paper for listed apartments, or go to an apartment finding agency. A professional apartment finder will take you to find the right apartment that will fit your budget.
Look at money matters. Your apartment should cost half of your income. If you have eight-hundred dollars, you will need to get an a apartment for $400.00 with utilities included. I know these days with rents going sky high, that 400.00 with utilities included are hard to find, but keep on looking. If you have 2,000 per month, look for an apartment for 1,000 dollars. Apartments for that price are easy to find. You may have to pay for gas and electric, but apartments for that price has lovely rooms in good neighborhoods.
When looking for an apartment, and if you see the one that you want, first go around to look at the garbage dumpsters and see if there are any rats. If there is a big hole in the back door that is made out of wood, you will know that there are rats in the building.
Next, at night time go into the neighborhood carefully and see if the neighborhood is good or bad. If you see a  lot of people smoking crack, shooting up, or if you hear any gun shots, you know that you are in a bad neighborhood and you should not take that apartment.
Make an appointment to talk to the landlord to see your desired apartment. When the Landlord shows you that apartment, go to the bathroom and turn on the shower. If the shower has poor water presser, don't take the apartment. You will have a bad hair day every day!
Look inside the cubords for roaches, rats and mice. If there are any, don't take the apartment.
If everything is OK, take the apartment and sign the lease but look at the terms before signing.
And there you go! Your own apartment. Enjoy it!

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