Friday, October 25, 2013

How To Deal With A collection Agency

So you're strapped for cash and a collectors agency calls you stating that you owe them 1,404 dollars. You can say that you are tight on cash.
If they ask you to make a payment plan, just say, that  you make 400 dollars and there is no way that you can pay that bill.
Write them a letter claiming that you can't afford to pay a bill. It should go like this,

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am only receiving 400.00 a month and I cannot afford to pay this bill. My assets have been depleted and I have no employment prospects.
If you handle this further, I will  call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint against you if you plan to sue me.
John Doe

If you have little money or no money coming in, and if they attempt to sue you, call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint against them.
Collectors are not allowed to call you past 8:00 or on weekends.
If you get a bill in the mail, call the billing department right away and tell them that you can't pay for it and hang up.
Collectors are not allowed to harass you over the phone. If they do, The Better Business Bureau can help.
Fight them!

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