Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Homeless Man Beats Up Middle School Boy ( Fiction News)

Dwayne Russi Wasz  was sitting by a garbage can on the streets, drinking a bottle of rot gut. As long as this homeless man had booze  to drink, he was happy.
All of a sudden, a boy who looked about thirteen years old or so, approached Wasz and shouted, "I hate homeless people!"
He  then started punching Wasz in the face.
Wasz got up and started punching and kicking the boy until the boy passed out.
A crowd of people stood there and watched the crazy scene.
The Police and an ambulance were called. The boy was put  in the ambulance, on his way to the hospital.
Wasz was put in the Police car and one of the cops read Wasz his Miranda rights.
Then, Wasz was taken to jail.
Here are some things that people had to say.
"I've never seen anything like  this." Said  a boy who looked like a college student.
"That little boy had a lot of nerve, trying to beat up that homeless man." An old lady said.
"If I were  the  homeless guy, I would have beat up on that kid too." A middle aged man said.
"Kudos for the homeless guy." A kid about nine or so said.
The moral of this crazy story is  not to mess with street people. They are fast and feisty. And they will hurt you.

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