Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five Good Ways To Lose A Friend

Friend or foe. There are people who just don't know how to be a real friend. They sleep with your boyfriend/girlfriend, back stab you and they get on your nerves.

Here are some examples on how to lose a friend.
Jamie was on her way home from the store. As she opened the front door to her house, she heard some moaning coming from the living room. To her horror, there was her best friend Wendy having sex with Jamie's boyfriend! Now that is the A number one thing on how to lose a friend..

Susie had a friend that was always bossing her around telling her what to do. Her friend also snapped at Susie to make it worse. Now what kind of friend is that?

Julie and her best friend Haley, were friends. That was until Haley started spreading rumors that Julie was sleeping with a bunch of guys and the fact that Julie was pregnant. None of this is true. Never be a back stabber.

Ginny was always clinging on to Tracy, her best friend. Ginny was always at Tracy's house until Tracy almost kicked her out. Then, Ginny called Tracy to talk. Never have a friend who is clingy with you.

John was always on his cell phone. Ray,  John's best friend was always annoyed about John making cell phone calls, checking messages, and answering calls. It seemed that John never had time for Ray.
Don't stick to somebody who neglects you.

And there you have it! Five ways to lose a friend!

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