Thursday, October 10, 2013

Want A Pet? Get A Red Ear Slider Turtle

Red ear slider turtles got  their name because they have red ears. They live on land and in water. Male turtles have long claws, female turtles have short claws.
If you want a red ear slider turtle, follow these tips.
Red ear slider turtles can be found in most pet stores.
Just go to a pet store and get one.
You will need certain things in order for the turtle to survive.
First, you will need a twenty gallon tank. It is bulky so have a friend help you. Next, you will need anti chlorine drops to put in the water so that the turtle will survive.
For food, get guppies, gold fish or pellets. And finally, your turtle will need something to sit on. A large Tupperware dish turned upside down will be OK. Or three bricks will do.
When you take the turtle home, instantly fill the tank with water. Put in the anti chlorine drops.
Put in the Tupperware  dish. And finally, put the turtle in there.
A turtle's tank will be needed to clean every day. Get a bucket. Fill it with water and put in the anti chlorine drops in the bucket. Put the turtle in it.  The turtle will hiss, but doesn't bite. Take the tank and either scoop all of the water or empty the water in the bath tub.
When the tank is clean, add water. The water should be one quarter of water in the tank. The water  should be room temperature.
Put in the anti chlorine drops and put in the tupperware bowl, upside down so the turtle can sit on it. You will need to clean out the tank every day. Always wash your hands after handling a turtle.
And there you have it. A new little buddy!

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