Friday, November 8, 2013

I Was Once A Scape Goat

Once upon a time, There was a magical, mystical land called Triond for writers. Triond  was  a publishing service where people would write and publish content.
I used to write and publish poetry, short stories songs and articles.
I published 990 pieces of content while I was there.
People liked my writing and they would e mail me and give me compliments.
But that was only one side of Triond. The other side of Triond, was the deep dark, Hellacious place called the Forum.
The Forum was a dismal place where people would post topics, goof around, argue and the whole Forum would gang up on one person and make them a scape goat. And that person was me.
People would call me "weird." and "strange." And  that was the nicer things that people in the Forum would whip me with.
They would laugh at me, call me, "Sybil."
They would take my written content and show it to every body.
They would mock me and scorn me by calling me an "idiot," and "retarded."
One member, took out a picture of Saturday Night Lives's  classic character, Rozanna Rozanna Danna and put on the bottom, "Katalina Parfum is a friggin idiot." (My pen name was Katalina Parfum.)
The  whole Forum would mock my writing out of jealousy, And constantly harass me with bad language and bad words.
You're probably thinking, ' If she was always getting harassed and abused, why did she bother to go into the Forum?'
It was  because I liked the Forum. I found it to be interesting. The posts like, "Name three things  that you like about yourself and why."And, "Ahem Time To Introduce yourself." And, "The three word game." etc.
I also went down there with secret hope  that people would like me.
But that unfortunately never happened.
One person, got my profile picture and wore it and acted like me out of spite and mockery. Now that made me really upset.
It upset me tremendously when people would make mean, ornery topics about me such as, ' Katalina Parfum is a friggin retard.' and 'Let's get Katalina Parfum.'
People on Triond would write mean, nasty, conniving stories about me and publish them on the Internet.
Luckily, I am a strong person and I was able to tolerate the mistreatings and them being barbaric towards me.
I was able to fight back like posting, "Look who's talking." Or, "Why do you guys have to be so mean to me. Give me a break for once."
I was like a kitten in a snake pit.
Finally, the Forums closed on October 23rd, 2011. The owners of Triond found the Forum to be inappropriate and abusive.
I continued to stay on Triond and write content and get it published.
Finally, I left Triond  in early 2013. I was suffering from severe writers burnout and I was getting tired of Triond so I left.
I will always remember the Forum and how nasty people were to me, but I keep it in the back of my head.

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