Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crazed Mom Stomps On Christmas Tree Lights ( Fiction News )

Norman Farley and his wife Jenny, were decorating the Christmas tree.
They were trying to agree as to what type of lights to put on the tree. The ordinary multi colored ones or the blinking multi color ones.
Jenny wanted to put on the blinking lights, while Norman wanted to put on the ordinary lights.
They started to argue. Jenny was screaming at the top of her lungs. "THE BLINKING ONES!" She screamed. "Jenny, calm down. I like the regular lights. They would look so much better." Norman pointed out.
All of a sudden, Jenny lost her temper completely and stomped on the box of regular Christmas tree lights, while Norman stood there helpless.
Jenny stomped on those Christmas tree lights again. And again. And again, while Norman just stood there.
"My mom's crazy." Said their 14-year-old son.
"She is mentally ill. Seriously. She does this stuff all the time. She is nuts."
"That's not a nice thing to say about your mother." I said as I spoke into the tape recorder microphone.
I pivoted the microphone to Danny and he said, "Well you don't have to live with her. I do."
"What do you do when your mom acts like this?" I asked him.
"Nothing. I just leave the scene." He then shrugged his shoulders.
"Is your mother nice?' I ask.
"Sometimes." Danny said.
"What other crazy things does she do?" I asked him.
"She runs around the house when she's mad and she throws things. She knocks over tables. She talks to herself. and this happens a lot." Danny said.
I turned off the tape recorder and I said, "Thank you Danny."
I headed home and I smiled to myself. I had a scoop!

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