Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wino Beats Up Middle School Boy

Early this morning, there was a wino in the park, drinking rot gut out of a paper bag.
All of a sudden, a boy who looked like he was thirteen years old, approached the wino and shouted, "I hate winos!" And started to beat up the wino. The wino grabbed the kid and kicked him in the groin. And the boy crouched down in pain. But that wasn't enough for the wino. While the boy was still on the ground he kicked the boy several times and then he gave the boy a final blow in the head.
An ambulance and the Police were called. The injured boy was rushed to the hospital with a concusion and broken ribs and the wino got arrested and got taken to the county jail.
Here are some things that by standers had to say.
"That kid had a lot of nerve." A man said. He continued. "That homeless man had every right to beat up on that kid."
"I saw the whole thing." A woman around sixty years of age said. "It was wrong of that boy to strike out at that homeless man the way he did. That man is a person too."
"Kudos for the man." A young man said. "He struck out at the kid. I never saw anything like it."
" I think that it was wrong for the Police to arrest that man. He was just sticking up for himself." A young girl said.
Strange things like what happened in this matter happen every day.

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