Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fashion Jeans For 2014

Hey Gals,

Spring is here! Why not spring into jeans? This year, there are a lot of styles to choose from. Ready?
Legging Jeans. Skin tight jeans like leggings. Wear high heels or sneakers with these jeans. A fancy top or a tee shirt is ideal for this particular style of jeans.
Skinny jeans. Sexy! These jeans are tight like legging jeans. They look the best with a fancy top and high heels. Fabulous!
Sexy boyfriend jeans. Wear them with sneakers or heels. A fancy top or a tee shirt is just fine.
Real straight skimmer jeans. These Glorifying  jeans can be worn with high heels or deck shoes. Dress them up or down.
Floral jeans. These Special type of jeans have floral designs on them. These jeans have to be dressed up. High heels and a fancy top. Only.
Above  the  ankle skinny jeans. Cool stuff! These jeans are best to be  worn with deck shoes and a nice top.
Skinny jeans with stripes on the  bottom. These unusual pairs of jeans are past the ankle. Wear them with high heels and a silk blouse.
Classic straight leg jeans. These classic pair of jeans look best with loafers and a polo shirt. Or deck shoes. However, you can dress these jeans the way that you want to. Straight leg jeans can go with any style.
Boot cut jeans. These modern jeans HAVE to be worn with high heeled boots or high heel shoes. Wearing tennis shoes or deck shoes will make these style of jeans look tacky. Wear them with a dress shirt.
Now go and get these  jeans right away! Just kidding.

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