Thursday, March 13, 2014

Danger Fire Ants

Fire ants are ruthless, ferocious  insects  that reside in the southern part of the USofA and other tropical parts of the world. When they attack, they give out a painful sting. Fire ants are dubbed, "Fire ants" because if enough of them get on you, you feel as  though you are  on fire. Fire ants attack you when they are the slightest bit irritated. They don't attack one by one. They attack by the hundreds. Fire ants are grease lovers  and they also love electricity. They love heat. A fire ant can be in the  highest heat of a microwave and still survive. Fire ants are almost impossible to exterminate by ordinary chemicals. It takes an exterminator who specializes in killing fire ants to do the  job. Fire ants multiply by the  hundreds every six weeks. And they get into everything. They go into other people's houses and get into food, electric appliances and even beds. People  just have to live with these mean lean critters. Too bad.

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