Sunday, March 2, 2014

Danger: Driver Ants Warning Graphic. Do not eat before during or after this peice is read.

Driver ants, otherwise known as Siafu, reside in different countries in Africa. They live in tropical rain forests. They travel by the millions. If you were to see driver ants travel, it looks like a stream. Driver ants are especially active after a thunderstorm. When people and insects and animals, large and small see these ants coming, they run for their lives. Why? Because driver ants will eat the insides and outsides of insects and animals as well as people. Here is how they do it. There are two types of ants. A large ant and a small driver ant. They don't crawl on a person one by one. They crawl up a person by the thousands, until the source is completely covered. The big ant has extremely strong jaws and they will pinch open the skin, allowing the little ant to crawl into the inner flesh and start eating. The ants will crawl inside the nose, ears and the brain and internal organs for their hearty meal. They will eat the eyes, nose and mouth. They eat the flesh until there is nothing left except a skeleton. People and animals are at greatest risk when they can't move or when these mean lean critters go into other people's houses. Nobody messes with them. In the country of Kenya, a man was sleeping in bed. The ants swarmed all over his face and body until he was completely covered with ants. They went inside his ears, eyes nose and mouth. They ate every part of his flesh, until there was nothing but a skeleton. So if you were to go to Africa, and see these ants, it is best to travel in the opposite direction because if you run in the same direction as these ants, they will get you. So if you ever vacation or do business in Africa, beware of these dangerous ants. They will ruin your life!

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