Monday, January 27, 2014

What is The Law Doing About The Knock Out Game? Absolutely Nothing That's What!

The new trend with poor urban African American men and teen age boys, is to come up to an innocent white person and knock them out with one punch. The victim passes out, sometimes even dies.
What does the law do about this? Nothing. That's what, Absolutely nothing.
There  was a teenage boy, that killed a man with the knock out punch, and was charged with battery. He was put in jail for five days. That was all.
Where is justice with all of this?
I got so concerned  about this issue, that I called the Police and I spoke with two police officers. Here is what they had  to say.
"I never heard about the knock out game." One of the Officers said. "Perhaps you can bring your concern in one of our meetings." He said.
Here is what another Officer said. "We are aware of this, but we can't do anything about this unless there is chatter on face book."
This is insane! This knock out game, is insane, and the law is doing nothing about it.
This game that the African American men and boys are doing should have much stiffer punishment.
It is sad that it has to be this way.

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